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Naval Academy Athletic Association
Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

As a student-athlete at the United States Naval Academy, I will...

  • Review all of the information contained in the Student-Athlete Handbook. Should I have questions, I will ask the compliance officer, my coach, sports administrator or O-Rep for clarification. I will be clear in my understanding of what is expected of me.
  • Make a premeditated and continually conscious effort to comply with all rules of the NAAA, NCAA and the Naval Academy.
  • Always act responsibly and know I will be held personally accountable for my decisions.
  • Not engage in any inappropriate or unethical conduct that is detrimental to my team, the Naval Academy or the Fleet.
  • Not partake in activities off the Yard that violate Midshipmen Regulations.
  • Not engage in any activity that could lead others to believe I support or am involved with a group that utilizes any residence in the local community that is not authorized under Midshipmen Regulations.
  • Abstain from underage drinking if this applies to me, and will not condone the use of alcohol by anyone who is underage. I understand that underage drinking is a major violation of Midshipmen Regulations. I realize that if I engage in irresponsible drinking, regardless of my age, I put myself, and my teammates, in personal and professional jeopardy, and am subject to probably suspension from my team.
  • Use discretion and good judgment at all times with respect to the content, either print or pictures, that I post on any social networking site. I realize that using social networking provides permanent information on a public platform that could be detrimental to my personal or professional future.
  • Fully understand and adhere to my specific team rules as they pertain to me, and my teammates and fully subscribe to the conduct expected of me as a representative of my team.
  • Without fail, check with the training staff prior to my use of any nutritional supplements purchased by me or given to me by anyone for any reason.
  • Adhere to the moral and ethical values associated with being a good person, a member of an intercollegiate team, and a midshipman. I will tell the truth, no matter what the consequences.
  • Represent the Academy and my team with responsibility, integrity and good sportsmanship. I will commit to proper moral and ethical values at all times.
  • Abide by the Student-Athlete Conduct Code at all times.

I understand that being a varsity student-athlete at the United States Naval Academy is a privilege, and as such I will act in accordance with the conditions of this Student-Athlete Conduct Code. Violations of this Code could result in my dismissal from the team and I will be held personally accountable for my decisions and actions under all conditions.

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