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Facility Rentals

An Overview of Renting the Venues at Navy Stadium
For more details please click on "Venue Rental Guidelines" in the Customer Service Box

Game-day and Graduation Day Hospitality

  • For all Game-Day and Graduation Day hospitality questions contact Kris Whitacre Morgenthaler at (410) 293-8712 or whitacre@usna.edu
Non Game-Day Reservations
  • Banquet Facilities - VADM William P. Lawrence "N" Room and Navy Lacrosse Hall of Fame Room
    • Reservations are accepted by "Martin's & Bo Brooks at the Academy", (443) 221-4051
    • You may also fill out the "Banquet Facility Request Form" in the customer service box
    • All other venues at NMCMS
    • Please e-mail navystadium@usna.edu or call (410) 293-8722
Catering & Event Set-up
  • Banquet Facilities - The VADM William P. Lawrence "N" Room and Navy Lacrosse Hall of Fame Room are catered by "Martin's & Bo Brooks at the Academy", they can be reached by calling (443) 221-4051
  • Stadium Suites - The stadium suites are catered by "The Main Ingredient". NAAA provides pre-designed suite menus separately, the point of contact for suite menus is Melissa Denning at (410) 293-8787 or denning@usna.edu
  • All other venues - All other venues at NMCMS are catered through one of our NAAA Preferred Caterers. The facility site fee does not include catering.

Parking All parking at NMCMS is on a paid basis only and managed by Pinnacle Parking. The fees of $5/car and $10/RV apply to all users of the NMCMS hospitality venues. No overnight parking is allowed. Vehicles remaining overnight are subject to towing at owners expense.

Additional Questions. Questions and concerns can be directed to navystadium@usna.edu or (410) 293-8722

VADM William P. Lawrence "N" Room
N* Room
Jack Stephens

Jack Stephens Field
Navy Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Bilderback-Moore Lax HoF
Flag Bridge
Flag Bridge
VIP Suites
VIP Suites
Terrace Level

Terrace Level Venues
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* For all Game-Day hospitality questions please contact: Kris Whitacre - (410) 293-8712
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