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Corporate Sponsorship

2015-16 Sponsorship Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Brand Association
  2. Stadium Signage
  3. Broadcast Opportunities
  4. Navy Game Programs
  5. Additional Print Advertising Opportunities
  6. Web Based Opportunities
  7. Promotions
  8. Ticket Sales
  9. Hospitality/Tailgating Information

Jon Starrett
Senior Associate Athletic Director, Corporate Sales

1. Brand Association

The Power of Marketing on a Regional, National, and International Stage!

Covering the Region Map 

The Navy Athletic brand is in a class by itself. On the national stage, it stands with few other programs as pure American treasures. In this era of high fives and end zone gyrations, you can count on good old American enthusiasm with class when the Midshipmen take the playing field or court.

Navy Football

Our sponsorship operations and our custom built programs offer a local, regional, or national sponsor unique, wholesale identity with powerful appeal that helps build traffic, sell products, and increase awareness. Let us fashion a corporate Navy package for you that gives you a piece of venerable Annapolis, U.S.A.

A partnership with the NAAA provides a unique association for not only Washington D.C. and Baltimore Beltway businesses but also for companies throughout the country and world. The NAAA creates partnerships with our corporate sponsors. Once a partner, we work to continue a mutually beneficial relationship by keeping your business top-of-mind through a variety of programs.

Navy Lacrosse

There are a number of different packages to choose from, varying from in-venue signage to electronic media to Game Day sponsorships.

An organization can choose to promote itself via repeated impressions through print collateral, logo identification, select electronic media and game day promotional advertising that extends well beyond the walls of the Yard or the interior of the stadium. Your corporate logo as well as its image will remain in front of loyal Navy fans, alumni, friends, etc. for the duration of our partnership.

The NAAA Corporate Partner Program is designed to enhance the following:

  • Positive brand image advertising
  • Critical market penetration
  • National/Regional business traffic and sales
  • New product/service introduction
  • V-VIP client and/or employee entertainment and access

Navy Athletics is serious about providing organizations with value, impact and support through a dedicated staff who understand the value of marketing and the true meaning of an effective campaign - RESULTS.

Together --- we "Expect to Win!"

2. Stadium Signage Opportunities

North & South End zone Signage
Both state of the art, LED scoreboards are an integral part of the game. All fans use the board to identify score, down and distance, as well as the time clock. In addition, television viewers watching the games aired on local, regional and national television will see the board.

North End Zone

South End Zone

There are five (5) static panels and three (3) rotating tri-panel signs on the North End zone board and three (3) static panels and one (1) rotating panel on the South End zone board. All panels can be created to suit your organization's needs.

Your organization can become the presenting sponsor of a segment of the in-game entertainment. Replays, great moments in Navy History and Scores from around the Country are just some examples. Your company's 4-color logo will be seen immediately prior to the segment.

Field Level Signage
Also designed to capture in-stadium audience as well as Regional, National and Worldwide Television and On-Line attention, four (4) strategically placed signs - two (2) in each end zone are offered at Navy Football, Lacrosse, and other select stadium events.

Northeast End Zone Field

3. Broadcast Opportunities


Advertising opportunities are available on the Navy Football Radio Network. All home and away games will be broadcast live on the following stations:

  • WBAL-AM 1090 - Baltimore, MD
  • WFED 1500 AM - Washington DC
  • WBQH 1050 AM - Washington DC
  • WWFD 820 AM - Washington DC
  • WNAV 1430 AM - Annapolis, MD
  • WTRI 1520 AM - Frederick, MD
  • WXTG 102.1 FM - Virginia Beach, VA
  • WXTG 1490 AM - Hampton Roads, VA
  • 820 AM

All football broadcasts are available on and All other content is on


Advertising opportunities are available during live broadcasts of men's and women's basketball, as well as each men's lacrosse game that air on WNAV-1430 AM Annapolis, the Navy Flagship station with select games also airing on WZAA 1050 AM and WFED 1500 AM/820 AM in Washington D.C. There are approximately 32 basketball and 11 lacrosse broadcasts per year.

All football broadcasts are available on and All other content is on

Navy Sports Magazine Show

The Navy Sports Magazine Show airs every week during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. The show features Pete Medhurst and select sport coaches. For 30-60 minutes, they will re-cap the past week's games and discuss strategies for the upcoming week.

The broadcast provides advertisers exposure to a loyal Navy fan base (approximately 35 shows per year).

Radio Segment Sponsorship Opportunities

Segment sponsorship opportunities are available during game-day broadcasts, as well as on the Navy Sports Magazine Show.

Some examples of segment sponsorships include:

  • Pre-Game Coach's Show
  • Scores from Around the Country
  • Play of the Day
  • This Week in Navy Sports
  • Injury Report

4. Navy Game Programs

Navy Football Program

The Navy Football Gameday is a full-color keepsake piece that is completely new for each home game. It includes an in-depth preview of the day's game, as well as feature articles on current Midshipmen players. Approximately 30,000 are printed throughout the season. This includes all home games played in Annapolis and neutral site locations.

Navy Basketball Poster and Roster Card

Each home basketball game has a different player poster and poster card that features a women's and men's basketball player on the full-color cover. Your logo can be placed on the cover. The roster card also provides the home and visiting rosters, as well as up-to-date results and statistics. Approximately 7,250 are printed per season and distributed free to fans as they enter the venue.

Lacrosse Program

The Navy Lacrosse game program is a 4-color, multi-page piece that is new for each Annapolis home game. Your company's advertisement can be strategically placed. Approximately 10,000 are printed and sold to fans as they enter the venue.

5. Additional Print Advertising Opportunities

Navy Football Fan Guide
Navy Athletics has created a guide to answer all questions that a Navy fan may have. Your organization can reach every fan that purchases an event ticket through this 4-color fold-out piece. The guide provides fans with all information pertaining to Navy events including directions to the stadium, hotel accommodations and local restaurants.

Navy Football Fan Guide

Navy Fan Information Guide

The marketing office has created a guide to answer all questions that a Navy fan may have. Your organization can reach every fan that purchases an event ticket through this 4-color fold-out piece. The guide provides fans with all information pertaining to Navy events including directions to the stadium, hotel accommodations and local restaurants.

Ticket Backs
The NAAA distributes tickets for numerous athletic teams as well as select cultural events held on the grounds of the Academy. Each year the ticket office purchases a new stock of season, individual and special event ticket stock - all of which may have an organization's 2" W x 3 3/4 " H logo on the back as a method to increase brand awareness in the community. Approximately 200,000 tickets are purchased each year.

Ticket Front
Ticket Back

Ticket Envelopes
The NAAA distributes tickets for eleven (11) athletic teams as well as select cultural events held on the grounds of the Academy in special envelopes specifically ordered for specific ticket mailings. Each year the ticket office purchases new stock envelopes for ticket mailings - all of which may have an organization's 5" W x 3" H logo on the back as a method to increase brand awareness in the community. Approximately 75,000 envelopes are purchased each year.

Navy Team Posters

Bring your company into the rooms of thousands of youngsters, as well as hundreds of local restaurants, video stores and many other business establishments as they demonstrate their allegiance to the Naval Academy by prominently displaying Navy Team posters. Thousands of posters are also used for post-game autograph sessions where Navy players meet youngsters and individually sign their posters.

Men's Basketball2,500
Women's Basketball2,500
Men's Lacrosse3,500
Women's Lacrosse2,000
Swimming- M/W1,000
Men's Soccer1,000
Women's Soccer1,000

Poster quantities for the following sports are 100 per sport:

  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Light Crew
  • Crew- M/W
  • Cross Country- M/W
  • Diving- M/W
  • Indoor- M/W
  • Outdoor- M/W
  • Rifle- M/W
  • Sprint- M/W
  • Tennis- M/W
  • Sailing/OffShore- M/W
  • Volleyball- M/W
  • Water Polo- M/W

Navy Schedule Cards

You can be the official sponsor of a schedule card for a Navy team. Put your logo on thousands of schedule cards that are distributed throughout the community. Capitalize on the excitement of Navy Athletics and keep your company name and logo in front of thousands of fans throughout the season.

6. Web Based Opportunities

Web Based Marketing -
The NAAA allows corporate partners the opportunity to advertise on the official website of Navy Athletics. Your organization can promote a specific event or promotion via rotating banner advertisements, on-site promotions all of which have hyper link to your web page. has the ability to get your message to Navy fans, alumni, etc. around the world.

Since July 2009, an average of 1,033,866 unique visitors visit each month. During the 2009 Football Season (9/5/09-12/31/09), the home page averaged 1,224,624 unique visitors each month.

7. Promotions

The Navy Marketing Department would like to work with your company on ideas for creative individual game promotions. We have a successful history of many fun and entertaining promotions during our game-day events and would be pleased to work with you in pursuing a promotional concept that will best suit your interests and budget. Our suggested list of items that we believe will entice people to not only attend our athletic events, but will also have shelf life for your company logo are as follows:

Floppy Hat, Computer Screen Savers, Logo Pom-Poms, Bobble Heads, T-Shirts, Team Hats, Commemorative Pin, Magnetic Schedules, Rally Towels, Company Night, Youth Night, Family Night, Chamber Day, Fan's Day, Photo Day

Game Day Sponsor 

8. Ticket Sales

Click Here for more information on ticket availability and costs for the Navy Events.

9. Corporate Hospitality/Tailgating Information

Tailgating Tradition 

NavyFest - "The Great Annapolis Tailgate Party" Presented by PNC Bank
NavyFest, a place to bring a group of friends, family, co-workers, etc. to enjoy a pre-game, half-time and/or post-game tailgate party while experiencing the pageantry of Navy Football. Organize a group as small as twenty (20) or as large as a thousand! Your group is guaranteed a memorable experience.

Captain's B.B.Q.
A great place to go if your group is not large enough for a NavyFest Tailgate Party. You can bring clients, family or friends to enjoy the tastes of Annapolis as a preferred caterer of Navy Football demonstrates their best menu in an all-you-can-eat-and-drink pre-game tailgate party. You'll take pleasure from their fine cuisine while you watch the Brigade of Midshipmen "March-on" to the field, the famous Hat Trick Cheer first hand and a fly-over by Navy planes.

Luxury Suites
Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium now has more than twenty (20) luxury suites. Each suite provides 30 plus seats, a catered buffet lunch from a Preferred Caterer (food, soda and water), private bathroom and sink, air conditioning, Cable TV with remote, and ample cabinet space.

For more information on Luxury Suites, please call the Navy Corporate Suites Office at 410-293-8784.

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