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The U.S. Naval Academy Golf Club is a private, university golf course owned by the Naval Academy. It is operated by the Naval Academy Golf Association (NAGA), which is affiliated with the Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA). NAGA originally owned a nine-hole course established in 1916 which was adjacent to the Naval Academy Yard. However, the current golf course was acquired by the Naval Academy around 1939, when it was redesigned by renowned architect William Flynn (Shinnecock Hills, Cherry Hills, Upper Cascades).

The 18-hole course features 6,611 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 71. The course rating is 71.7 and it has a slope rating of 128.

The golf course serves approximately 550 annual members and their spouses. In addition, it serves as the home course for the Brigade of Midshipmen and all of the faculty and staff at the Naval Academy. Active duty and retired military personnel also have access to the course. The golf course averages roughly 30,000 rounds per year, and is open year round, weather permitting.

The current golf club staff features one Director of Golf, one head professional, three assistant professionals and several part-time staff members who administer the pro shop operation. Pat Owen, the Director of Golf at the U.S. Naval Academy Golf Club, also serves as the head coach for the men's varsity golf team, which has competed on the Div. I level since the 1930s. The golf team, a member of the Patriot League, competes primarily in the NCAA Middle Atlantic Region. It has produced four All-Americans - Eric Uteggard ('69), Dave Ziemba ('77), Aaron Wright ('98) and Billy Hurley ('04). In 2012, the Naval Academy began a women's varsity golf team which is coached by LPGA Professional Nadia STE-Marie.

Rules Governing the Administration of the Naval Academy Golf Association

The golf facilities at North Severn, known as the Naval Academy Golf Course, are provided primarily for the activities of Midshipmen who are permitted to use them at such times and in such groups as are designated by the Commandant of Midshipmen.

The management, control and supervision of the golf course shall be under the purview of the President, Naval Academy Golf Association, hereinafter referred to as 'President.'

An Advisory Committee, nominated by the President, NAGA, and approved by the Superintendent, USNA, shall report to the President to assist him in carrying out his duties in conjunction with the golf course. The names of the members of the committee will be posted in the Pro Shop.

The Advisory Committee consists of the following:

The Golf Course Advisory Committee shall be responsible to the President for:

       A. Enforcement of these Rules and Supplementary Regulations and Policies.

       B. Recommendations for improvement, upkeep and maintenanceof the golf course, clubhouse facility, and pro shop.

       C. Promotion of tournaments among members of the Naval Academy Golf Association.

       D. A Membership Committee chaired by a member of the Advisory Committee or the Presidents appointee will be responsible for the verification of the eligibility of new members and for the management of the Associate Civilian waiting list. This committee will also be responsible for contacting persons on the waiting list whom become eligible for membership when an opening is available.

The chairman of the Membership Committee shall be appointed in writing by the President of the Advisory Board and shall report back monthly to the Board on the committee's activities. Committee members shall be appointed by the committee chairman with the approval of the Advisory Board and shall meet as frequently as is deemed necessary by the chairman. All members shall serve a term of two years.

       E. A House Committee, chaired by a member of the advisory Committee or the President's appointee will address issues that pertain to the overall efficiency and harmonious functioning of the clubhouse. The Committee will make recommendations concerning maintenance, interior designs, and refurbishment of the clubhouse as well as monitor the food services provided to members in the clubhouse. The House Committee chairman upon request will present the Committee's recommendations to the Advisory Committee for final action. The chairman of the House Committee shall be appointed in writing by the President the Advisory Board and shall report back monthly to the Board on the committee's activities. Committee members shall be appointed by the committee chairman with the approval of the Advisory Board and shall meet as frequently as is deemed necessary by the chairman. All the members shall serve a term of two-years.

       F. A Green Committee, chaired by a member of the Advisory Committee or the Presidents appointee will be responsible, with the Course superintendent, for maintaining a quality golf course that is both challenging and enjoyable for all members to play.

The committee will assist the Course Superintendent in an advisory, budgetary, and policy-making capacity. The committee will maintain liaison with the club members, the Advisory Committee, and the golf course's professional staff. Additionally, the Green Committee will assist the Course Superintendent in the establishment of both short and long range plans that will assure the continuity of desirable playing conditions and availability of equipment and materials to provider those conditions. The Green Committee chairman will present the committee's recommendations to the Advisory Committee for final action.

The chairman of the Green Committee shall be appointed in writing by the President of the Advisory Board and shall report back monthly to the Board on the committee's activities. Committee members shall be appointed by the committee chairman with the approval of the Advisory Board and shall meet as frequently as is deemed necessary by the chairman. All members shall serve a term of two years.

       G. Other duties assigned by the President.

Midshipmen, Members of NAGA, Active Duty Stationed at Annapolis, and Faculty at U.S. Naval Academy

(410) 293-9747

If you are a midshipman, an annual or monthly member at the Naval Academy Golf Club, active duty stationed at the Annapolis complex, or a full-time civilian DOD faculty member at the Naval Academy you may:

1. Reserve a tee time up to one week in advance, by calling 293-9747 no earlier than 5:00 PM on the afternoon seven days prior to the day you wish to play. (E.G. The first time you may make a tee time for Saturday morning, is the Saturday preceding, by calling at 5:00 PM or later. No in person reservations are accepted at that time.)

2. You may reserve a tee time for less than one week in advance, by calling 293-9747 any time the pro shop is accepting phone calls. You may reserve a tee time in person any time less than one week in advance as well. (I.E. Each day's reservation sheet becomes available one week in advance. Initially, you may only make a reservation by phone, calling after 5:00 PM. After the initial call-in period, the reservation sheet is available for phone calls and in person visits.

3. You may reserve a time for one foursome, and you may bring up to three guests to play. Local guests are restricted to playing one time per calendar month, regardless of their host. Out of town guests on extended visits should be identified as such, and will be permitted to play on successive days during their visit.

4. The Naval Academy Golf Club is a spikeless facility. Metal spikes are not permitted. In addition, NAGA's dress code requires a shirt with a collar for men and does not permit blue jeans or cutoff shorts.

For Active Duty Military not stationed at the Naval Academy/Annapolis Complex
For Retired Military who are retired from 20 years of active duty service and are receiving full retirement benefits, and Retired Reservists who have reached age 60 and are receiving retirement benefits:

1. To reserve a tee time, you may call (410) 293-9747, the day before you wish to play.

2. When calling, please identify yourself as active duty or retired military. If active duty, please state where you are stationed.

3. You may reserve a tee time to play golf between 1200 and 1500 during the week and between 1500 and 1700 on weekends and holidays.

4. Everyone in your group must be eligible to play on his/her own. I.E., all golfers must be active duty or retired military, or an eligible dependent. Eligible dependents are spouses, and children through age 18 (or through and including age 22 if still a high school or full-time undergraduate student.)


5. DOD employees not serving on the Naval Academy Faculty are not eligible to play the golf course as a guest of a golfer identified above. DOD employees fall into the civilian guest category, and may only play as the guest of a member, or of an active duty golfer stationed at the Naval Academy.

6. Reservists are eligible to play only while on temporary active duty, and must provide their duty papers when paying their greens fee. Retired reservists must meet the criteria listed above.

Any other time, reservists fall into the civilian category.

Annual Dues

Dues Structure for Annual Members - Effective 1 March 2015 until further notice.

Rank/PositionSingleFamilySingleFamilyInitiation Fee
Ret Enl1,944.002,904.00162.00242.00750.00
Ret Off2,376.003,552.00198.00296.002,200.00
Ret Faculty/Staff2,376.003,552.00198.00296.002,200.00
NAAA Staff/Admin/Coach2,376.003,552.00198.00296.00None
Alumni Category2,376.003,552.00198.00296.0012,500.00
Associate Civilian2,376.003,552.00198.00296.0017,000.00
  Or 3 pmts of 6,000.00/18,000.00 total
Non-Resident100.00100.00n/an/aPer Category
Junior (Dependent of Active Duty)312.00n/a312.00n/aNone

Other Fees: Any other fees or charges incurred by the member. Fees are due and payable upon receipt of the monthly billing.

Please note the following regulations governing eligibility of dependents included in family membership

Children of annual members (whether a dependent or not), until their 25th birthday, are considered regular members so long as the adult regular member pays the family membership fee. When that child reaches the age of 25 they lose their eligibility to be included in the family membership.

Guest Privileges - Members are allowed to introduce guests to the club. However, the following restrictions apply: Members must accompany their guests. Members may only bring three guests at a time. A guest may only be introduced to the club once in a calendar month. It is the responsibility of the member to make sure that their guest has not played at the club already in that month.

If an active duty member retires within 24 months of the start of their membership, they are liable for the full payment of the retired officer category initiation fee.

The monthly fees listed above are the monthly fees for annual members. Monthly memberships, at a higher monthly rate, are available for active duty military personnel stationed at the Annapolis Complex who play on a limited and seasonal basis. Active duty personnel who join on an annual basis are expected to maintain their membership throughout the year.

Civil Service Personnel of Naval Station Annapolis and Civil Service Personnel of the Department of Defense assigned to the Naval Academy may join. However, their positions must be in direct support of the Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen. Note - Employees of and contractors in support of the Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) are not eligible to join NAGA under 1-5, A/10a Civil Service Personnel.

Junior Members' Dependents, thru 18 years of age, sponsored by a parent or guardian who is eligible for regular membership under the following categories: active duty military, retired military, full time faculty member of the USNA, personnel or coaching staff of NAAA. The parent or guardian does not have to be a member. They must meet eligibility requirements. Sponsorship means responsibility for the observance by the junior member of the rules and supplementary regulations governing the course, including payment of dues and other expenses incurred. Course Operations/Services

The U.S. Naval Academy Golf Course is open on a daily basis from March 15th through November 15th, which coincides with the official golf season for the Middle Atlantic region. Weather permitting, it is also open daily from November 16th through March 14th.

Pro Shop Hours of Operation:

March 15th - November 15th

Monday - Friday7:30 AM through 7:30 PM
Saturday - Sunday & Holidays7:00 AM through 7:30 PM

November 16th - March 14th

Monday - Sunday8:00 AM through 6:00 PM

Practice Range Hours of Operation:

March 15th - November 15th

Monday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday - Friday7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Daily Fee Schedule

Category2013 RateCategory2013 Rate
AD E1 - E6 WD 910Retired Officer WD 928
AD E1 - E6 WD 1816 Retired Officer WD 18 45
AD E1 - E6 WE 912 Retired Officer WE 9 35
AD E1 - E6 WE 1820 Retired Officer WE 18 55
AD E7 - E9 WD 912 Fac/Staff WD 9 28
AD E7 - E9 WD 1820 Fac/Staff WD 18 45
AD E7 - E9 WE 9 14 Fac/Staff WE 9 35
AD E7 - E9 WE 1822 Fac/Staff WE 18 55
AD 01 - 03 WD 9 15 Junior (Through 18) WD 9 6
AD 01 - 03 WD 1824 Junior (Through 18) WD 18 9
AD 01 - 03 WE 9 18 Junior (Through 18) WE 9 9
AD 01 - 03 WE 1830 Junior (Through 18) WE 9 10
AD 04 - 05 WD 9 18 College (Through 22) WD 9 12
AD 04 - 05 WD 1830 College (Through 22) WD 1818
AD 04 - 05 WE 9 21 College (Through 22) WE 9 15
AD 04 - 05 WE 1835 College (Through 22) WE 18 24
AD 06 - 09 WD 9 21 Civilian Guest WD 9 32
AD 06 - 09 WD 1835 Civilian Guest WD 18 50
AD 06 - 09 WE 9 25 Civilian Guest WE 9 38
AD 06 - 09 WE 1845 Civilian Guest WE 18 60
Retired Enlisted WD 9 22 Golf Cart Rental 9 Holes 14
Retired Enlisted WD 18 35 (Per Rider)
Retired Enlisted WE 9 28 Golf Cart Rental 18 Holes 20
Retired Enlisted WE 18 45 (Per Rider)
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