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All numbers are 410-293-xxxx unless otherwise noted

Director of Athletics Chet Gladchuk 410-293-8910 gladchuk@usna.edu
Senior Associate A.D./Physical Mission Dr. Tom Virgets 410-293-4035 virgets@usna.edu
Deputy Director of Athletics Eric Ruden 410-293-8748 ruden@usna.edu
Deputy Director of Athletics (Military) Cmdr. Kevin Klein, USN 410-293-5832 kklein@usna.edu
Senior Associate A.D./Scheduling and Team Support Carl Tamulevich 410-293-8727 tam@usna.edu
Senior Associate A.D./Administration, Club Sports & Development Robb Dunn 410-293-8776 rdunn@usna.edu
Senior Associate A.D./Compliance & Senior Woman Admin. Loretta Lamar 410-293-8936 lamar@usna.edu
Assistant A.D. Carla Criste 410-293-5580 criste@usna.edu
NCAA Faculty Representative Christine Copper 410-293-6621 ccopper@usna.edu
Assistant A.D./Administration Pat Phillips 410-293-8910 paphilli@usna.edu
Team Support Coordinator/Purchasing Coordinator Joanne Setzer 410-293-8728 setzer@usna.edu
Ricketts Hall Receptionist Cheryl Holland 410-293-2700 cholland@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant -- Brown Field House Paula Roche 410-293-2831 proche@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant -- PE, Club Sports, Facilities Margaret Pott 410-293-2205 pott@usna.edu
Coordinator of Mail Services Kerwin Belt 410-293-8721 kbelt@usna.edu
Asst. to the Director of Athletics Joe Cook 410-293-8729 cook@usna.edu

Athletic Admissions
Senior Associate A.D./Admissions, Academics and Compliance Dave Davis 410-293-8741 ddavis@usna.edu
Assistant A.D./Academic Support Services DeDe Duncan-White 410-293-8747 duncanwh@usna.edu
Admissions Staff Mackie McCann 410-293-2238 mmccann@usna.edu

Athletic Training
Associate Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine (Sports: Football) Dr. Jeff Fair 410-293-8717 fairjeff@usna.edu
Associate Head Athletic Trainer (Sports: Football, Men's Lacrosse) Dee Jones 410-293-8718 djones@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Baseball, Men's Soccer) Gretchen Benz 410-293-5584 benz@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Football, Wrestling) Jim Berry 410-293-8726 jberry@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Men's and Women's Cross Country, Men's and Women's Track and Field) Leah Bradley 410-293-4485 lbradley@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer) Gregg Calhoon 410-293-3150 calhoon@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Men's and Women's Rugby, Boxing, Club Sports) Joe English 410-293-4486 jenglish@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Men's Basketball, Squash, Men's Tennis) Adam Pecina 410-293-5598 pecina@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports: Sprint Football, Women's Lacrosse) Loren Shipley 410-293-4487 shipley@usna.edu
Athletic Trainer (Sports:Ice Hockey, Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Golf, Football) David Florea 410-293-4486 floreaii@usna.edu
Athletic Training Office Phone (Sports: Gymnastics, Rifle, Rowing, Sailing, Women's Volleyball, Water Polo) Macdonough Hall 410-293-4486  
Athletic Training Office Phone (Sports: Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving) Ricketts Hall 410-293-8726  

Head Coach Paul Kostacopoulos 410-293-5571 kostacop@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Matt Reynolds 410-293-5585 reynolds@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Ryan Mau 410-293-5428 mau@usna.edu
Baseball Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-5436  

Basketball - Men's
Head Coach Ed DeChellis 410-293-2627 dechelli@usna.edu
Associate Head Coach Dan Earl 410-293-2627 earl@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Aaron Goodman 410-293-2627 agoodman@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Ernie Nestor 410-293-2627 nestor@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Kendrick Saunders 410-293-2627 ksaunder@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Jon Perry 410-293-2627 jperry@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant Judy Hawkins 410-293-2627 jhawkins@usna.edu
Basketball Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-268-4982  

Basketball - Women's
Head Coach Stefanie Pemper 410-293-5591 pemper@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Jeff Harada 410-293-5588 harada@usna.edu
Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coord. Jenerrie Harris 410-293-5586 everette@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Alison Montgomery 410-293-5587 smitha@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Jody Burrows 410-293-8781 burrows@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant Carol Alton 410-293-5591 calton@usna.edu
Basketball Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-5544  

Blue & Gold / Development
Senior Associate A.D./Administration, Club Sports & Development Robb Dunn 410-293-8776 rdunn@usna.edu
Associate Athletic Director / Development Steve O'Brien 410-293-3767 obriens@usna.edu
Blue & Gold Membership Coordinator Sherrie Werner 410-293-8708 werner@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Development Kyle Knichel 410-293-8768 knichel@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant Margaret Pott 410-293-2205 pott@usna.edu

Business Office
Senior Associate A.D./Business Affairs Barbara Brozen 410-293-8731 brozen@usna.edu
Associate A.D./Business Affairs Chauncey Winbush 410-293-8735 winbush@usna.edu
Senior Accountant Sarah White 410-293-8734 swhite@usna.edu
Payroll & Benefits Manager Karlene Durisko 410-293-8732 durisko@usna.edu
Accountant Nancy McMahon 410-293-8733 nmcmahon@usna.edu
Accounting Assistant Nancy Kapuschansky 410-293-8736 nkapusch@usna.edu

Senior Associate A.D./Compliance & Senior Woman Admin. Loretta Lamar 410-293-8936 lamar@usna.edu
Compliance Fax Number   410-293-8959  

Cross Country - Men's
Head Coach Al Cantello 410-293-5574 cantello@usna.edu
Cross Country Office Fax Brown Field House 410-268-6814  

Cross Country - Women's
Head Coach Karen Boyle 410-293-5579 boyle@usna.edu
Cross Country Office Fax Brown Field House 410-268-6814  

Equipment Staff
Assistant A.D./Equipment Operations (Sports: Football) Greg Morgenthaler 410-293-8739 morgen@usna.edu
Associate Director of Equipment Operations (Sports: Football Assistant, Golf) Steve Hinrichs 410-293-8738 hinrichs@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations (Sports: Gymnastics, M. Lacrosse, Rifle, W. Tennis, Water Polo) Brian Sellers 410-293-4481 bsellers@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations (Sports: Baseball, Rowing) Derek Griesdorn 410-293-5593 griesdor@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations (W. Basketball, Squash, M. Tennis, Wrestling) Brian Maddox 410-293-4489 maddox@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations (Sports: W. Lacrosse, Sailing, Sprint Football, Volleyball) Daniel Boeckenhauer 410-293-4491 boeckenh@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations (M. Basketball, Swimming & Diving) Peter Ford 410-293-4439 pford@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations (Sports: Cross Country, Soccer, Track & Field) TBA 410-293-5581 TBA

Facilities and Operations
Senior Associate A.D./Facilities Allan Heinze 410-293-8725 heinze@usna.edu
Associate A.D./Facilities & Maintenance Tom McKavitt 410-293-8770 tmckavit@usna.edu
Associate A.D./Operations & Championships Bill Givens 410-293-8722 givens@usna.edu
Assistant A.D./Maintenance & Grounds Tom Schemmel 410-757-4406 tschemme@usna.edu

Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo 410-293-2241 gareis@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Chris Culton 410-293-2241 culton@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Justin Davis 410-293-2241 jdavis@usna.edu
Assistant Coach / Defensive Coordinator Buddy Green 410-293-2241 bgreen@usna.edu
Assistant Coach / Running Game Coordinator Ashley Ingram 410-293-2241 jingram@usna.edu
Assistant Coach / Offensive Coordinator Ivin Jasper 410-293-2241 jasper@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Steve Johns 410-293-2241 johns@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Keith Jones 410-293-2241 kjones@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Mike Judge 410-293-2241 mjudge@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Shaun Nua 410-293-2241 nua@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Dan O'Brien 410-293-2241 dobrien@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Danny O'Rourke 410-293-2241 dorourke@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Dale Pehrson 410-293-2241 pehrson@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Mick Yokitis 410-293-2241 myokitis@usna.edu
Director of Football Operations Bryce McDonald 410-293-2241 bmcdonal@usna.edu
Executive Administrator Major Robert Green, USMC 410-293-2241 rbgreen@usna.edu
Director of Player Personnel Sean Magee 410-293-2241 magee@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant Lois Gareis 410-293-2241 gareis@usna.edu
Administrative Assistant Jennifer Brandt 410-293-2241 jbrandt@usna.edu
Football Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-8952  

Golf - Men's
Head Coach Pat Owen 410-293-9745 powen@usna.edu
Associate Head Coach Mike Burke    
Golf Office Fax Naval Academy Golf Course 410-293-9748  

Golf - Women's
Head Coach Nadia Ste-Marie 410-293-9754 stemarie@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Kelly Gerlach 410-293-9755 gerlach@usna.edu
Golf Office Fax Naval Academy Golf Course 410-293-9748  

Gymnastics - Men's
Head Coach Dr. Sho Fukushima 410-293-5552 sho@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Craig Holt 410-293-5557 holt@usna.edu
Gymnastics Office Fax Macdonough Hall 410-293-5264  

Lacrosse - Men's
Head Coach Rick Sowell 410-293-8779 sowell@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Ryan Wellner 410-293-5549 wellner@usna.edu
Assistant Coach J.L. Reppert 410-293-5535 reppert@usna.edu
Volunteer Assistant Coach Mickey Jarboe    
Director of Lacrosse Operations Mark Goers 410-293-5548 goers@usna.edu
Associate Director of Technology & Video Services Zack Ericson 410-293-8947 ericson@usna.edu
Lacrosse Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-5538  

Lacrosse - Women's
Head Coach Cindy Timchal 410-293-8746 timchal@usna.edu
Associate Head Coach Allison Fondale 410-293-5541 avalenti@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Corey Donohoe 410-293-5537 donohoe@usna.edu
Director of Lacrosse Operations Liz Schaffner 410-293-8797 schaffne@usna.edu
Volunteer Assistant Coach Kirstyn Atkinson 410-293-8794 kirstyn.atkinson@gmail.com
Lacrosse Office Fax Brown Field House 410-293-5526  

Marketing, Promotions & Corporate Sales
Corporate Sales
Senior Associate A.D./Corporate Sales Jon Starrett 410-293-8784 starrett@usna.edu
Assistant to Corporate Sales Sarah Humphries 410-293-8798 humphrie@usna.edu
Marketing & Promotions
Assistant A.D./Marketing & Promotions Kris Whitacre Morgenthaler 410-293-8712 whitacre@usna.edu
Associate Director for Marketing, Promotions and Corporate Sales Chris Grosse 410-293-8785 grosse@usna.edu
Assistant Director for Marketing and Promotions Melissa Denning 410-293-8787 denning@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Marketing Nolan Barry 410-293-8786 barry@usna.edu

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
Director of Stadium Operations Preston Johnson 410-263-4783 pjohnson@usna.edu
Assistant Manager, Stadium Operations Jim Crowner 410-263-4783 crowner@usna.edu
Assistant Manager, Stadium Operations Damisi Price 410-268-4481 price@usna.edu

Director of Photography Phil Hoffmann 410-293-8793 hoffmann@usna.edu
Video Coordinator John McGuire 410-293-8795, 8796 jmcguire@usna.edu
Sports Technology Coordinator Todd Green 410-293-8760 tgreen@usna.edu
Director of Publications Mark Leddy 410-293-8782 leddy@usna.edu

Head Coach Bill Kelley 410-293-4339 bkelley@usna.edu
Rifle Office Fax Bancroft Hall    

Rowing - Heavyweight
Head Coach Rob Friedrich 410-293-3636 friedric@usna.edu
Assistant Coach John Flynn 410-293-3658 flynn@usna.edu
Crew Maintenance Christopher Allsopp 410-293-5007 allsopp@usna.edu
Crew Office Fax Hubbard Hall 410-293-5010  

Rowing - Lightweight
Head Coach Shawn Bagnall 410-293-2418 bagnall@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Ryan Archer 410-293-2417 archer@usna.edu
Crew Office Fax Hubbard Hall 410-293-5010  

Rowing - Women's
Head Coach Mike Hughes 410-293-2419 mhughes@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Sidney Thorsten 410-293-2416 thorsten@usna.edu
Crew Office Fax Hubbard Hall 410-293-5010  

Sailing - Intercollegiate
Head Coach Ian Burman 410-293-5617 burman@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Brendan Healy 410-293-5613 healy@usna.edu
Operations Officer Lt. Precious McQuade 410-293-5612 pmcquade@usna.edu
Sailing Office Fax Robert Crown Sailing Center 410-293-5233  

Sailing - Offshore
Head Coach Jahn Tihansky 410-293-5608 tihansky@usna.edu
Assistant Director Pete Carrico 410-293-5607 carrico@usna.edu
JV Coach Nancy Haberland 410-293-5605 haberlan@usna.edu
Operations Officer Lt. Matt Arreola 410-293-5611 arreola@usna.edu
Sailing Office Fax Robert Crown Sailing Center 410-293-5233  

Soccer - Men's
Head Coach Dave Brandt 410-293-3153 brandt@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Nate Baker 410-293-5542 nbaker@usna.edu
Goalkeepers Coach Dustin Shambach 410-293-2628 shambach@usna.edu
Soccer Office Fax Glenn Warner Soccer Center 410-293-5264  

Soccer - Women's
Head Coach Carin Gabarra 410-293-5562 gabarra@usna.edu
Associate Head Coach Rob Blanck 410-293-5543 blanck@usna.edu
Goalkeepers Coach Dustin Shambach 410-293-2628 shambach@usna.edu
Soccer Office Fax Glenn Warner Soccer Center 410-293-3149  

Sports Information
Any and all recruiting questions by potential USNA student-athletes and their families need to be directed to the Navy coaches of the sport the student-athlete wishes to be recruited to play.
Senior Associate A.D./Sports Information (Sports: Football) Scott Strasemeier 410-293-8775 sstrasem@usna.edu
Assoc. Sports Information Director (Sports: Asst. Football, Golf, M. Lacrosse, Squash, Wrestling) Stacie Michaud 410-293-8773 michaud@usna.edu
Assoc. Sports Information Director (Sports: W. Basketball, Swimming, M. Tennis, Volleyball) Justin Kischefsky 410-293-8772 kischefs@usna.edu
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: M. Basketball, W. Golf, Sailing, M. Soccer, W. Tennis) Matt Muzza 410-293-8778 muzza@usna.edu
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: Cross Country, W. Lacrosse, W. Soccer, Track & Field) John Gasparoni 410-293-8774 gasparon@usna.edu
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: Baseball, Gymnastics, Rifle, Rowing, Sprint Football, Water Polo) Alex Lumb 410-293-8771 lumb@usna.edu
Sports Information Fax Number   410-293-8954  
Alumni Hall Press Row Telephone Basketball 410-263-3929  
Bishop Stadium Press Box Telephone Baseball 410-293-5431  
Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Press Box Telephone Football, Lacrosse 410-268-1489  
Rip Miller Field Press Box Telephone Sprint Football 410-293-4259  

Sprint Football
Head Coach Maj. Kavan Lake, USMC 410-293-5559 lake@usna.edu
Sprint Football Office Fax Brown Field House 410-293-5264  

Squash - Men's
Head Coach Craig Dawson 410-293-2240 cdawson@usna.edu
Squash Office Fax Bancroft Hall    

Strength and Conditioning
Senior Associate A.D./Sports Performance (Football) Mike Brass 410-293-8713 brass@usna.edu
Director of Strength and Conditioning and Operations (Asst. Football, M. Lacrosse, M. Soccer) Kirk Woolfolk 410-293-8716 woolfolk@usna.edu
Director of Olympic Sport Performance (Baseball, Asst. Football, Wrestling) Clifford Dooman 410-293-8716 dooman@usna.edu
Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football Bryan Fitzpatrick 410-293-8789 bfitzpat@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football Josh Schuler 410-293-8789 schuler@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (M&W Cross Country, W. Lacrosse, W. Track & Field, Water Polo, Volleyball) Rett Warren 410-293-5590 rwarren@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Hwt. Rowing, W. Rowing, Sprint Football, M&W Swimming) Justin Livezey 410-293-8715 livezey@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (M. Basketball, Golf, W. Soccer, M. Track & Field) Joe Fondale 410-293-5521 fondale@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (W. Basketball, Lwt. Rowing, Offshore Sailing, Squash, M&W Tennis) Becca Grizzard 410-293-8715 grizzard@usna.edu

Swimming & Diving - Men's
Head Coach Bill Roberts 410-293-3012 robertsw@usna.edu
Head Diving Coach Rich MacDonald 410-293-2970 rmacdona@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Mark Liscinsky 410-293-5834 liscinsk@usna.edu
Swimming Office Fax Lejeune Hall 410-293-3811  

Swimming & Diving - Women's
Head Coach John Morrison 410-293-3081 morrison@usna.edu
Head Diving Coach Rich MacDonald 410-293-2970 rmacdona@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Rob Lias Jr. 410-293-3013 lias@usna.edu
Swimming Office Fax Lejeune Hall 410-293-3811  

Assistant Network Administrator Jason Sherman 410-293-8792 jsherman@usna.edu

Tennis - Men's
Head Coach John Officer 410-293-5589 jco@usna.edu
Assistant Coach John Moreland 410-293-3436 moreland@usna.edu
Tennis Office Fax Dyer Tennis Clubhouse 410-293-2992  

Tennis - Women's
Head Coach Keith Puryear 410-293-8709 puryear@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Alessandra Pedergnana 410-293-8777 pedergna@usna.edu
Tennis Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-8954

Ticket Office
Phone: 1-800-US4-NAVY (1-800-874-6289) ... E-Mail: tickets@usna.edu
Office Hours: 9 am-5 pm, Mon-.-Fri.; Summer Office Hours: 9 am-4:30 pm, Mon.-Fri.
Senior Associate A.D./Ticket Ops. & Summer Sports Camp Programs Matt Munnelly 410-293-4955 mmunnell@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Hannah Barber 1-800-US4-NAVY barber@usna.edu
Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Matt Cline 1-800-US4-NAVY cline@usna.edu
Group Sales Craig Jocius 410-293-8791 jocius@usna.edu
Group Sales Tom Phelps 410-293-8743 phelps@usna.edu

Track & Field - Men's
Head Coach Stephen Cooksey 410-293-5568 cooksey@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Chris Campbell 410-293-5575 campbelc@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Al Cantello 410-293-5574 cantello@usna.edu
Recruiting Coordinator Dave Larish 410-293-5570 dlarish@usna.edu
Track Office Fax Brown Field House 410-268-6814  

Track & Field - Women's
Head Coach Carla Criste 410-293-5580 criste@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Karen Boyle 410-293-5579 boyle@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Steven Sarigiannis 410-293-5578 sarigian@usna.edu
Track Office Fax Brown Field House 410-268-6814  

Volleyball - Women's
Head Coach Larry Bock 410-293-8724 bock@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Kait Kozak 410-293-8737 kozak@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Steph Strauss 410-293-8737 N/A
Volleyball Office Fax Macdonough Hall 410-293-8954  

Water Polo - Men's
Head Coach Mladen Stanicic 410-293-3152 stanicic@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Mark Lawrence 410-293-5558 mlawrenc@usna.edu
Water Polo Office Fax Macdonough Hall 410-293-5264  

Head Coach Joel Sharratt 410-293-5833 TBA
Assistant Coach Danny Song 410-293-4631 song@usna.edu
Assistant Coach Lloyd Rogers 410-293-3011 rogers@usna.edu
Wrestling Office Fax Lejeune Hall 410-293-3811