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Strength & Conditioning Staff

2013-14 Strength & Conditioning Staff
Back Row (L-R): Justin Livezey, Mike Brass, Cliff Dooman, Kirk Woolfolk, Joe Fondale
Front Row (L-R): Bryan Fitzpatrick, Becca Grizzard, Josh Schuler, Rett Warren

Strength and Conditioning
Associate A.D./Sports Performance (Football) Mike Brass 410-293-8713 brass@usna.edu
Director of Strength and Conditioning and Operations (Asst. Football, M. Lacrosse, M. Soccer) Kirk Woolfolk 410-293-8716 woolfolk@usna.edu
Director of Olympic Sport Performance (Baseball, Asst. Football, Wrestling) Clifford Dooman 410-293-8716 dooman@usna.edu
Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football Bryan Fitzpatrick 410-293-8789 bfitzpat@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for Football Josh Schuler 410-293-8789 schuler@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (M&W Cross Country, W. Lacrosse, W. Track & Field, Water Polo, Volleyball) Rett Warren 410-293-5590 rwarren@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Hwt. Rowing, W. Rowing, Sprint Football, M&W Swimming) Justin Livezey 410-293-8715 livezey@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (M. Basketball, Golf, W. Soccer, M. Track & Field) Joe Fondale 410-293-5521 fondale@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (W. Basketball, Lwt. Rowing, Offshore Sailing, Squash, M&W Tennis) Becca Grizzard 410-293-8715 grizzard@usna.edu
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Football and Wrestling) Alex Lee 410-293-8716 alee@usna.edu
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