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PRINCETON vs NAVY (Mar 27, 2016)

Box Score

The Automated ScoreBook
Mar 27, 2016 at Annapolis, Md. (Max Bishop Stadium)


Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
Hoy,Danny cf/lf 
Arendt,Billy 3b 
Hernandez,Nick rf 
Flynn,Joseph 1b 
   Belski,Zack 1b 
Lee-Tyson,Asher ss 
Machiorlette,Max lf 
   Baer,Danny cf 
Powers,Chad dh 
Larramendi,Andres c 
Phillips,Cody 2b 
Mingo,Cameron p 
Totals  28  21 

NAVY 1 (17-6-1)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
Currie, Robert cf 
Blue, Travis ss 
Trent, Sean lf 
Born, Stephen rf 
Koscho, Scott dh 
Chinnery, Adrian
McGrath, Ben 1b 
Wilcox, Matthew 2b 
   Deneen, Connor ph 
Knowles, Logan 3b 
Song, Noah
   Meenach, Jett
   Sauer, Andrew
Totals  23  21 

Score by Innings                  R  H  E
PRINCETON........... 030 001 0 -  4  9  1
NAVY................ 001 000 0 -  1  5  1
E - Lee-Tyson,A(3); Chinnery, A.(2). DP - PRIN 2. LOB - PRIN 9; NAVY 4. 2B - Hernandez,N.(2); Powers,C.(1); Blue, T.(8). HBP - Machiorlette; Larramendi,A. SH - Larramendi,A(1); Phillips,C.(1); Knowles, L.(5). SB - Hoy,D.(2).

PRINCETON   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
Mingo,Cameron W,2-2  7.0  23  26  76 
NAVY   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
Song, Noah L,3-2  5.2  21  26  95 
Meenach, Jett   0.1  12 
Sauer, Andrew   1.0  15 

Win - Mingo,C. (2-2). Loss - Song, N. (3-2). Save - None. HBP - by Song, N. (Larramendi,A); by Sauer, A. (Machiorlette). Pitches/strikes: Mingo,C. 76/56; Song, N. 95/58; Meenach, J. 12/8; Sauer, A. 15/11.

Umpires - HP: Dane Ratajski 1B: Tom Disharoon 3B: Al Bosdell
Start: 12:00 pm Time: 1:44 Attendance:
Weather: 51, Overcast, Wind 5-10 to LF


The Automated ScoreBook
Mar 27, 2016 at Annapolis, Md. (Max Bishop Stadium)

PRINCETON starters: 4/cf Hoy,D.; 3/3b Arendt,B.; 20/rf Hernandez,N.; 21/1b Flynn,J.; 15/ss Lee-Tyson,A; 5/lf Machiorlette; 12/dh Powers,C.; 2/c Larramendi,A; 1/2b Phillips,C.; 37/p Mingo,C.;

NAVY starters: 2/cf Currie, R.; 7/ss Blue, T.; 31/lf Trent, S.; 28/rf Born, S.; 26/dh Koscho, S.; 38/c Chinnery, A.; 24/1b McGrath, B.; 8/2b Wilcox, M.; 19/3b Knowles, L.; 20/p Song, N.;

PRINCETON 1st - Hoy,D. struck out looking (1-2 KSBK). Arendt,B. struck out looking (2-2 KKFBBK). Hernandez,N. singled to second base (2-2 KBFBF). Flynn,J. singled to left field (1-0 B); Hernandez,N. advanced to third. Lee-Tyson,A walked (3-1 BSBBB); Flynn,J. advanced to second. Machiorlette flied out to lf (2-1 BFB). 0 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB.

NAVY 1st - Currie, R. walked (3-2 KBFFBBFFB). Blue, T. grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b (1-0 B); Currie, R. out on the play. Trent, S. grounded out to ss (0-2 KK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

PRINCETON 2nd - Powers,C. doubled to left field (0-0). Larramendi,A grounded out to p, SAC, bunt (0-0); Powers,C. advanced to third. Phillips,C. singled to center field, RBI (0-1 K); Powers,C. scored. Phillips,C. advanced to second on a throwing error by c, advanced to third. Hoy,D. singled up the middle, RBI (1-0 B); Phillips,C. scored. Hoy,D. stole second. Arendt,B. grounded out to 3b (2-0 BB); Hoy,D. advanced to third. Hernandez,N. singled to shortstop, RBI (0-1 S); Hoy,D. scored. Flynn,J. flied out to cf (0-0). 3 runs, 4 hits, 1 error, 1 LOB.

NAVY 2nd - Born, S. struck out swinging (0-2 KSS). Koscho, S. walked (3-2 BKBKBB). Chinnery, A. flied out to cf (0-1 K). McGrath, B. reached on a fielding error by ss (1-1 BS); Koscho, S. advanced to second. Wilcox, M. lined out to ss (0-1 F). 0 runs, 0 hits, 1 error, 2 LOB.

PRINCETON 3rd - Lee-Tyson,A flied out to rf (3-2 KBBFFB). Machiorlette lined out to 3b (0-1 K). Powers,C. struck out swinging (2-2 BSSBS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

NAVY 3rd - Knowles, L. flied out to lf (0-0). Currie, R. grounded out to 3b (0-1 K). Blue, T. doubled to right field (0-1 S). Trent, S. singled to right field, advanced to second on the throw, RBI (1-1 KB); Blue, T. scored. Born, S. singled to left field (0-0); Trent, S. advanced to third, out at home lf to 3b to c. 1 run, 3 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

PRINCETON 4th - Larramendi,A hit by pitch (3-2 KFBFBFBF). Phillips,C. out at first 3b to 2b, SAC, bunt (1-0 B); Larramendi,A advanced to second. Hoy,D. flied out to cf (2-1 BFB). Arendt,B. struck out swinging (2-2 KBKBS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

NAVY 4th - Koscho, S. flied out to cf (0-0). Chinnery, A. popped up to 2b (1-1 KB). McGrath, B. popped up to 2b (3-2 BFBFBF). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

PRINCETON 5th - Hernandez,N. struck out swinging (0-2 KKS). Flynn,J. grounded out to 3b (1-0 B). Lee-Tyson,A grounded out to ss (2-1 BBK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

NAVY 5th - Wilcox, M. singled to center field (0-0). Knowles, L. grounded out to c, SAC, bunt (0-0); Wilcox, M. advanced to second. Currie, R. lined into double play 2b unassisted (0-0); Wilcox, M. out on the play. 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

PRINCETON 6th - Machiorlette walked (3-2 KBFBBB). Powers,C. reached on a fielder's choice (0-2 FFF); Machiorlette out at second 2b unassisted. Larramendi,A grounded out to 3b (1-1 BS); Powers,C. advanced to second. Meenach, J. to p for Song, N.. Phillips,C. singled to center field, RBI (1-2 FFB); Powers,C. scored. Hoy,D. singled to center field (1-0 B); Phillips,C. advanced to third. Arendt,B. out at first p to 2b to 1b (2-2 BFBF). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

NAVY 6th - Blue, T. struck out looking (2-2 KFBBFFK). Trent, S. singled to shortstop (1-1 FB). Born, S. reached on a fielder's choice (0-1 K); Trent, S. out at second ss to 2b. Koscho, S. struck out swinging (1-2 BKKS). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

PRINCETON 7th - Sauer, A. to p for Meenach, J.. Hernandez,N. doubled down the lf line (1-2 BKF). Flynn,J. struck out looking (1-2 BFFK). Lee-Tyson,A grounded out to 3b (1-1 BK). Machiorlette hit by pitch (0-0). Powers,C. struck out swinging (0-2 FSS). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

NAVY 7th - Hoy,D. to lf. Belski,Z. to 1b for Flynn,J.. Baer,D. to cf for Machiorlette. Chinnery, A. grounded out to ss (1-0 B). McGrath, B. struck out swinging (0-2 FSS). Deneen, C. pinch hit for Wilcox, M.. Deneen, C. flied out to cf (0-1 K). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

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