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Entire Hubbard Hall Fleet Races at 2017 Princeton Chase

Oct. 29, 2017

PRINCETON, N.J. – The Navy rowing family was well represented in central New Jersey on Sunday as all three programs participated in the 2017 Princeton Chase. Racing on a 2.75-mile stretch of water at Lake Carnegie, Navy had 24 boats competing across seven different events. Each of the heavyweight, lightweight and women’s teams had top-six results as highlights for the day.  

The day began with the varsity crews hitting the water first. The heavyweights led off the racing with four crews in Men’s Varsity Heavyweight Eights action. Taking on a 37-boat field, the Mids’ A boat clocked in 12th overall with a time of 12:58.884. Navy’s top boat was less than a second out of the top-10 as the 10th-ranked Drexel A boat posted a time of 12:57.900. Navy’s next three crews finished close together in 21st, 23rd and 25th overall within eight seconds of each other at 13:18.668 and 13:26.628.

The women’s team got its chance to race second on Sunday in the Women’s Varsity Eights event. On the hunt for a spot in the top-10, the Mids’ A boat turned in a time of 14:52.681 that ranked 14th overall. Navy came in 1.011 seconds behind Virginia C for 13th and less than nine seconds shy of 11th place Cornell A. Navy’s B and C crews placed 34th and 44th overall, respectively.

The lightweight program was third up. Taking on a handful of league rivals that they’ll go head-to-head with in the spring, Navy’s A boat ended up towards the top of the standings in the Men’s Lightweight Eights race with a time of 12:50.734 that ranked fourth overall. The Mids were just 4.132 seconds off the pace of event winner Penn A and less than two behind second-place Yale A and third-place Princeton A. The lightweight team’s B, C and D entries ranked ninth, 12th and 19th overall.

The heavyweights were involved in the next two races, the Heavyweight Varsity Fours and Freshmen Eights. Racing amongst a field of 31 boats, Navy’s top crew turned in a sixth-place effort with a time of 14:22.977. The Mids held off a hard-charging quartet of boats that came in within three seconds of them.



“As a developmental regatta for us, we learned where we stack up with the rest of the league and know what we need to do to get faster. They guys are committed to getting faster and they know winter is coming,” remarked heavyweight head coach Rob Friedrich. “Our young varsity got even younger today with the absence of six juniors, who were participating at the SEAL screener back on campus for the opportunity to be considered for the Special Warfare community.

“Our top four performed well and they are all sophomores, so it’s a sign of youth and speed to come in our varsity.”

The plebes of the heavyweight program tackled Lake Carnegie in even boats and finished close together in seventh and 10th place with times of 13:34.611 and 13:44.188, respectively. Two lightweight plebe boats also raced in the day’s sixth event. Navy LWT A came in fourth at 13:12.321, while Navy LWT B clocked in 14th at 14:17.103.

“The plebes raced well in two even boats,” said Friedrich. “Our goal was to develop our walk-ons and create depth in our plebe class. They were the fastest combined time of any school in the freshmen race.”

The women’s day concluded next with a single entry in the Novice Eights race. In a spread out field of 12 crews, Navy’s team posted the third-best result with a time of 15:44.457. The Mids trailed just Dartmouth and Duke in this particular competition.

“We came into the Chase with some goals and we almost hit all of them,” said Joe Schlosberg, the women’s head coach. “We’re pleased with that fact, but not satisfied. We were pretty far back with our starting positions and definitely ran into traffic along the way, but we improved on our placement from last year.

“Our plebes will finish up next weekend at Rutgers, while the rest of the team will hunker down and continue to build more speed during the winter months.”

The Lightweight Varsity Fours events wrapped up the day in Princeton with four Navy boats competing in a field of 24. The Mids’ A boat took an eighth-place finish with a time of 14:43.854. Navy’s next three crews all clocked in within nine seconds of each other at 15:02.945 and 15:11.030.

"This weekend was a solid way for our varsity to conclude the fall racing season, and our plebe class to continue to develop as a unit,” remarked Shawn Bagnall, the lightweight head coach. “Both Coach Sands and I were satisfied with the efforts in both the Varsity 8+ and Plebe/Freshman 8+ races. The Varsity 4+'s were a chance to take a look at a few different lineups, and I know those guys were a less than happy with the outcome. All told, it was a great weekend both in Princeton at the Chase, and in Annapolis with our selected 2/C performing well at the SEAL Screener. 

“We've got a long road ahead to the 2018 Spring Season and know that our league is going to be as competitive as ever. However, there's no doubt this team is up for the challenge, investing in both our work and each other as teammates."

Sunday’s action marked the final fall varsity competitions for all three teams as their respective plebe crews will conclude the 2017 portion of their schedules next Sunday, Nov. 5 at the Rutgers Fall Classic.



Men’s Varsity Heavyweight Eights (37 in field)
1-Princeton A – 12:32.476
11-Princeton C – 12:58.360
12-Navy A – 12:58.884
21-Navy B – 13:18.668
23-Navy D – 13:24.068
25-Navy C – 13:26.628 

Women’s Varsity Eights (52 in field)
1-Princeton A – 13:57.833
13-Virginia C – 14:51,670
14-Navy A – 14:52.681
34-Navy B – 15:33.416
44-Navy C – 16:02.860 

Men’s Varsity Lightweight Eights (26 in field)
1-Penn A – 12:46.602
3-Princeton A – 12:49.678
4-Navy A – 12:50.734
9-Navy B – 13:07.701
12-Navy C – 13:18.958
19-Navy D – 13:42.081 

Men’s Varsity Heavyweight Fours (31 in field)
1-Princeton A – 13:51.950
5-Princeton C – 14:17.703
6-Navy A – 14:22.977
21-Navy B – 14:51.031
23-Navy C – 15:00.693
27-Navy D – 15:20.475 

Men’s Freshmen Eights (17 in field)
1-California – 12:45.544
3-Princeton A – 13:06.525
4-Navy LWT A – 13:12.321
7-Navy HWT A – 13:34.611
10-Navy HWT B – 13:44.188
14-Navy LWT B – 14:17.103 

Women’s Novice Eights (12 in field)
1-Dartmouth – 14:49.856
2-Duke A – 15:00.202
3-Navy – 15:44.457 

Men’s Lightweight Fours (24 in field)
1-Princeton A – 14:15.252
7-Delaware A – 14:37.249
8-Navy A – 14:43.854
14-Navy D – 15:02.945
16-Navy C – 15:06.605
20-Navy B – 15:11.030

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