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Meet The Mid-Michael Raiford

Michael Raiford
June 19, 2016

NAME:  Michael Raiford


POSITION: Defensive End



HOMETOWN:  Decatur, Georgia


MAJOR:  Economics




I CHOSE NAVY BECAUSE: The mentality of the team is something that you can not find anywhere, a bunch of guys that play as hard as they can to prove that they are the best.

POSITION COACH:  Shaun Nua and Napoleon Sykes

FAVORITE MEAL:  It is a tie between my mom’s salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and a lemon pan fried chicken with pasta that me and my brother came up with one night for his cooking show on youtube.

FAVORITE ATHLETE: I had not really gotten into sports before I got to the Academy,with that being said, I do like Bronson Kaufusi’s and Aaron Donald’s playing style.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM:  My favorite sports team is a tie between the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams.

TO RELAX I LIKE TO: Dust off my xbox one and play Destiny, and eat chinese food, probably my favorite comfort food here in Annapolis.

RIGHT NOW MY SERVICE SELECTION WOULD BE:  United States Marine Corps, Ground.

IF I COULD EAT DINNER WITH ANY THREE PEOPLE IT WOULD BE:   God Almighty, Garland E. Raiford II (my father), and Bruce Lee. Shaun Nua would be a close second to my father, because he reminds me a lot of him. God for his knowledge, my father for his guidance and strength, and Bruce Lee for his calm attitude and his experiences. All in all it would be nice to pick their brains over dinner.

IN HIGH SCHOOL I DREAMED OF BEING:  Three way tie of being a game designer, enlisting in the Marine Corps, or becoming a bass guitarist.

ON GAME DAY I LISTEN TO:  Can’t be touched Boy Jones, I’m a beast By Tech-N9ne, Feel no Ways by Drake, Energy by Drake, Take our time(do it right) by S.O.S. Band, and get up off of that thing by Rick James.

MY FAVORITE SUMMER VACATION WAS:  Going to the Bahamas with my family when I was 7 or so.

MY FAVORITE FORM OF SOCIAL MEDIA IS:  Facebook has to be my favorite social media, for all the food making videos I can find and share with everyone.

MY FAVORITE PERSON TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER IS:  I don't use twitter all that often, so I don’t have a favorite.

MY FIRST THOUGHT STEPPING ON THE NAVAL ACADEMY CAMPUS WAS:This place is beautiful, I can’t wait for the experiences I’ll get to have, and the people I’ll meet.

WHAT I LOVE ON GAME DAY IS:  The moment right before we go on the field, with Ryan Harris yelling in the background, and all the smiles and fire I see in the eyes of my teammates.

WHICH TEAM NOT ON NAVY'S SCHEDULE WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO PLAY AND WHY:  that is a tough one because there are a lot of teams I wanna play, like UGA, Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Clemson, for the sheer fun of playing a team that everyone thinks we will lose too, as well as seeing some old friends I used to play with in high school, and kicking their butt.

MY FAVORITE PART OF BEING IN A CONFERENCE IS:The challenge as there are a lot of  really good teams and players in our conference, and I love that we get to play them with as much intensity as when we face Army West Point and Air Force.

THE WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES A NAVY FOOTBALL PLAYER IS: There isn’t just one word to describe a Navy football player, it comes down to consistency, tenacity, effort and the drive to find a way to win.

MY FAVORITE COACH NIUMATALOLO SAYING IS:  ” Just keep grinding, the storm is coming.”

THE PLAYER THAT WILL SURPRISE THE MOST PEOPLE ON OFFENSE IN 2016 IS:  Chris High, he’s like a younger Chris Swain when he gets the ball.

THE PLAYER THAT WILL SURPRISE THE MOST PEOPLE ON DEFENSE IN 2016 IS:  I’m a little biased with this one, i'd say it would between me, Tyler Sayles and Nnamdi Uzoma.

THE MOST VALUABLE OFFENSIVE PLAYER IN 2016 WILL BE:  The offensive line, they have proven to be the most productive and the key piece to our offense.

THE MOST VALUABLE DEFENSIVE PLAYER IN 2016 WILL BE: Honestly the entire defense is valuable to our success.

THE TOUGHEST PLAYER ON THE NAVY FOOTBALL TEAM IS: Ryan Harris, he throws his body at other players like no one I’ve ever seen.

THE STRONGEST PLAYER ON THE NAVY FOOTBALL TEAM IS: Tie between Tyler Sayles, Nnamdi Uzoma, and Amos Mason.

THE ONE PLAYER ON THE CURRENT TEAM THAT EPITOMIZES NAVY FOOTBALL:  Josiah Powell, he's always trying to get better.

THE FUNNIEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM IS:  Brandon Jones, he's a funny dude, always dancing, smiling and trying to make everyone laugh.



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