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Meet The Mid Presented By Verizon Wireless

John Michael Nurthen

June 23, 2011

Name:  John Michael Nurthen

Hometown:  Phoenixville, Pa.

Favorite Meal: Anything cooked by my mother or grandmother

Favorite Team Growing Up:  Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite Player Growing Up:  Mike Alstott

You would be surprised to know that I: am an accomplished salsa dancer and I did musicals in high school

To relax I like to:  Play guitar and listen to music

Right now my service selection would be:  Marine Ground or Navy Intelligence

What has surprised me the most about the Academy is:  The friends I’ve made

After my military commitment I hope to be:  Happy. That’s it

If I could eat dinner with anybody in history it would be:  My grandfather

My favorite Coach Niumatalolo saying is:   “dang nabbit!”

If I could be anybody in history it would be:  Leonitus, because you don’t mess with Leonitus

In high school I dreamed of being:  The lead singer in a hair metal band…and I still have the dream.

If I could trade places with one of my teammates it would be:  Kriss Proctor, because why cant I play quarterback, huh?

If I could be a coach for a day I would:  Get my hands on as much cool Navy gear that I could.  They get the coolest stuff

When my parents are in town I like to:  Spend as much time with them as possible, not wasting a minute.

On my Ipod is:  Def Leppard (the greatest band ever)

My favorite summer vacation was:  Last summer when I went to California for the first time.

My favorite meal in King Hall is:  Cheeseburgers

My first thought when I stepped on the Yard at the Naval Academy for the first time was:  Hey this isn’t Princeton…oh lord



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