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Meet the Mid Presented by Verizon Wireless

Keegan Wetzel

July 15, 2011

Name: Keegan Wetzel

Hometown: Palos Heights, IL

Favorite Meal: Deep Dish Pizza

Favorite Team Growing Up: Chicago Bears

Favorite Player Growing Up: John Stockton

You Would Be Surprised To Know That: I think that I can play the guitar and I’m a good dancer

To Relax I Like To: Read good books, sleep, grill, play sports or play the guitar

Right Now My Service Selection Would Be: Marine Corps Pilot

What Has Surprised Me The Most About The Academy Is: How much I still have to learn about the military and how tight of a bond the football team shares.

After My Service Commitment I Want To: Be a systems engineer and work for an engineering company

If I Could Eat Dinner With Anybody In History It Would Be: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

My Favorite Coach Niumatalolo Saying Is: “You have got to be kidding me!!!”

If I Could Be Anybody In History I Would Be: Michael Jordan, because he is the greatest basketball player, athlete, and competitor of all time and has 6 rings to show it.

In High School I Dreamed Of Being: Anything to do with Engineering or building something useful or helpful to humanity

If I Could Trade Places With One Of My Teammates It Would Be: Wave Ryder, because I’ve never been to Hawaii, could learn to surf, I would have one of the greatest names in college sports and I could learn some good Reggae on the guitar.

If I Could Coach For A Day I Would: Take the whole team to Hawaii and cancel 4th quarters (conditioning) forever.

When My Parents Are In Town I Like To: Eat good and win football games.

On My Ipod Is: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, OAR, Mac Miller, Jack Johnson, Iration, Zac Brown Band, Darius Rucker

My Favorite Summer Vacation Was: Camping at a family reunion in Steamboat Springs, Colorado or camping in Yellowstone National Park

My Favorite Meal In King Hall Is: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

My First Thought When Stepping On To The Yard Was: This place is beautiful…what time do we eat?



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