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Meet The Mid Presented By Verizon Wireless

Tra'Ves Bush

Aug. 22, 2011

Name:  Tra’ves Bush

Hometown:  Johnston, South Carolina

Favorite Meal:  Steak and Shrimp

Favorite Team Growing Up:  Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Player Growing Up: Emmitt Smith

You Would Be Surprised To Know That:  I Play the Alto Saxaphone

To Relax I Like To:  Go to my uncle’s house to chill out or sit in my room listening to music.

Right Now My Service Selection Would Be:  Naval Flight Officer.

What Has Surprised Me About The Academy Is:  That there is not much freedom.

After My Service Commitment I Hope To Be:  A college or high school coach. Not immediately after my commitment, but sometime in the future.

If I Could Eat Dinner With Anyone In History It Would Be:  Nelson Mandela

My Favorite Coach Niumatalolo Saying Is:  I don’t have one particular favorite, but meetings with Coach Jones are pretty interesting. LOL

If I Could Be Anyone In History I Would Be:  Will Smith, because he is one of my favorite actors and his family is a dynasty of celebrities.

In High School I Dreamed Of Being:  A College Basketball Player

If I Could Trade Places With One Of My Teammates It Would Be:  Casey Bolena, because from the stuff that comes out of his mouth it would be interesting to know what goes on in his head.

If I Could Be Coach For A Day I Would:  See if I could come up with more curse words than Coach Green. HA HA

When My Parents Are Around I Like To:  Hang out with them at my uncle’s house and get a home cooked meal while they are around.



On My IPod Is:  Mostly Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Big Sean and Lupe Fiasco, but I have a mixture of everything

My Favorite Summer Vacation Was:  Myrtle Beach, S.C.

My Favorite Meal In King Hall Is:  Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches.

My First Thought When Stepping On To The Yard Was: What have I gotten myself in to?

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