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Meet The Mid Presented By Verizon Wireless

Jabaree Tuani

Sept. 2, 2011

Name:  Jabaree Tuani  

Hometown:  Nashville, Tenn.

Favorite Meal:  Steak   

Favorite Team Growing Up:  Tennessee Titans

Favorite Player Growing Up:  Reggie White

You Would Be Surprised To Know That:  I am learning how to play the violin

To Relax I Like To: Listen to music

Right Now My Service Selection Would Be:  Surface Warfare

What Has Surprised Me About The Academy Is:  Everything

After My Service Commitment I Hope To Be:  Retired from the Navy with a good job

If I Could Eat Dinner With Anyone In History It Would Be:  My Grandfather on my dad's side

My Favorite Coach Niumatalolo Saying Is:  Dagnabit

If I Could Be Anyone In History I Would Be:  Ricky Dobbs, because who wouldn't want to be Ricky Dobbs

In High School I Dreamed Of Being:  An Astronaut

If I Could Trade Places With One Of My Teammates I Would Trade Places With:  Kriss Proctor, because I would like to know how it feels to lose to me in Madden all the time

If I Could Be Coach For A Day I Would:  Do the same thing our coaches are doing now

When My Parents Are In Town I Like To:  Go out to eat with them  

On My IPod Is:  Young Jeezy- Get Ya Mind Right

My Favorite Summer Vacation Was:  To Hawaii to visit my family this past summer



My Favorite Meal In King Hall Is:  Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

My First Thought When Stepping On The Yard Was:  What have I gotten myself into?

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