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Notre Dame at Navy Online Media Credential Request

November 1, 2014
FedEx Field
Landover, Md.
Time TBA
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Navy is the host institution for the 2014 game and is handling all credential requests. Questions on credentials can be directed to Scott Strasemeier, Associate Athletic Director, at 410-293-8775 or sstrasem@usna.edu.

Credentials will be approved in the following order of priority:
1. Originating radio and television personnel involved in a live broadcast and media outlets that regularly cover either Navy or Notre Dame. Wire services, regional and national publications are also afforded this priority.
2. Non-originating radio and television personnel producing reports on the game. Only local radio stations with a full-time sports director conducting a regular sports show receive consideration for credentials.
3. Non-daily newspapers or publications reporting on the game.
4. Non-sports media writing for a daily newspaper or magazine.
5. Credentials may be issued: a) to online entities that are affiliated with a national or regional media organization; or, b) to online entities that host a website that regularly and substantially reports on either Navy or Notre Dame, and employs for that dedicated website at least one full-time permanent employee who writes a substantial majority of all material posted on the site, and that registers a minimum of 20,000 legitimate unique users per month in each of the past 12 months.

An online entity that meets the requirements of either 5.a) or 5.b) and which sponsors message boards or chat rooms may be credentialed only if the entity enforces its policies regarding abusive or discriminatory material.

Additional Media Information

All media requests made by noon on Wednesday, October 22 will be mailed by standard U.S. mail. Requests received after that time will either be left at will call at FedEx Field (window location TBA) or will be sent via FedEx. All FedEx requests within this late timeframe will need to be paid for by the media member or organization making the request.

Media parking is available at FedEx Field. Navy's sports information office will assign media parking based upon availability.

Access to the working press box is available to credentialed media. All bags and members of the media themselves are subject to search.

As per National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, still or video images taken by media members during a sporting event cannot be sold by either the photographer or another third party, and cannot be provided to student-athletes or their families.

Due to limited space and to ensure compliance with NCAA guidelines, no credentials will be issued to either "free-lance" writers or photographers without a specific assignment received in writing by the assigning organization.

All persons picking up credentials will be required to furnish positive photo identification.

All credentials are non-transferable, and no credentials will be issued to those under the age of 18.

Navy, Notre Dame and the NCAA prohibit the issuance of credentials to representatives of an organization that regularly publishes gambling information, such as "tout sheets" or "tip sheets."

No credentials will be granted for Internet-only outlets, unless they are affiliated with a regional or national news-gathering organization.

The acceptance of media credentials is an acknowledgement of Navy's and Notre Dame's rights to the game and play-by-play coverage and an outlet's agreement to abide by any restrictions Navy and Notre Dame may place on real-time play-by-play coverage and use of comprehensive game statistics. Failure to abide by these restrictions implemented by Navy and Notre Dame may result in revocation of press credentials. Navy and Notre Dame reserve the right to grant approval for distribution of real-time play-by-play, game-related statistics and information through the Internet ("real time" is defined as any online media providing live continual play-by-play coverage, in-game statistics, digital photographs, or audio or video of an event).

This Credential is issued as a courtesy to an accredited agency (the "Agency") for the sole purpose of providing stadium or venue access to an individual representative of the Agency (the "Representative") who has a legitimate working or participating function in connection with the event for which this credential is issued (the "Event"). Any unauthorized use of this Credential or violation of its terms subjects the Representative to ejection from the Event stadium or venue(s) and revocation of the Credential. This Credential is non-transferable and may be revoked at any time without cause.

This Credential authorizes the use by the Agency, solely for news and editorial coverage of the Event, of any descriptions, accounts, photographs, films, audio or video recordings or drawings of the Event. Any other use or attempted use by the Representative or the Agency is expressly prohibited, unless the Agency has obtained the advance written permission of the American Athletic Conference for such other use. The Representative shall not use more than two (2) minutes of video highlights from the Event, and such usage shall be limited to a regularly scheduled television newscast aired by the Agency within a 48-hour period following the Event.

Representative assumes all risk of harm while covering this Event. The Agency and the Representative agree to indemnify and hold harmless the American Athletic Conference from and against any and all claims arising out of any acts or omissions of the Representative.

Acceptance of this Credential constitutes agreement by the Representative and the Agency to abide by the foregoing conditions.

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