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Navy's Erik Hunter (So., Placerville, Calif.), Adam Meyer (Jr., Bethesda, Md.) and Jon Galinski (Sr., Phoenix, Md.) will be competing this week at the NCAA Swimming & Diving Championship. Throughout the event (that runs through Saturday) they will be sending in daily recaps detailing what it is like to compete at the national championship.

Friday night's entry, written by Galinski, includes how they were able to meet a former President of the United States.

Friday, March 28

Coach Joe Suriano and myself left the hotel around 9:30 this morning to head to the pool for a 10-11 a.m. warm up period prior to the 2 p.m. start time of the three-meter preliminaries. Warm up was the usual one; I went through each optional dive with gainer triples on one and three as lead ups. Today the focus was on hurdles and takeoffs, which have been inconsistent for me in the past. The extra focus on board work paid dividends come meet time when I went 4 for 4 with descent take offs (which never happens with me).

One thing I have noticed at this level is the patience and timing all of the divers here have with the board. It is phenomenal. While it can be intimidating to dive with Olympians and the like, it was easier to focus on my own game today. After the three-meter prelims I flirted with the idea of giving the ice baths a shot as recommended by Adam and Erik, but ultimately decided against it for obvious reasons.

The weather here is ridiculous. On our way to the pool in the morning it was pouring down like crazy. Flash flood warnings in effect, pools of water everywhere, etc. Erik even said that due to a leak in the ceiling, it also was raining in lane 5 of the warm up pool. Fast forward a couple of hours later to find a beautiful, hot, sunny, and windy day waiting outside after prelims. You could barely even tell it rained at all.

Next was lunch with my parents and Joe, followed by rest before the 6:30 p.m. departure for finals. Here comes the coolest part of the day. While watching the swimming and diving of the night was great, it came second to running into a former President of the United States. As we were heading to the team entrance a black SUV pulled up to the door and out stepped Mr. and Mrs. George Bush Sr. accompanied by several secret service agents. Everybody around stopped walking and watched as he walked into the pool. In order to assure a picture in case the situation did not present itself, I posed with him in the background. Luckily as we followed him into the pool and spoke with the secret service members, we were able to arrange shaking his hand and a photo. The fact that we were midshipmen decked out in our Navy lax jerseys couldn't have hurt our chances.

While today only went ok performance wise, Adam, Eric, and I have our best events tomorrow (Saturday) and are looking forward to finishing up strong. We will keep you posted.

-- Jon