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** Warning **
This camp is not for everyone, and
there are no refunds for a lack of motivation!

Using hard work as the tool the NAVY SEAL wrestling camp helps instill the work ethic, determination, and fortitude it takes to reach your unbound potential as a wrestler. There is one sure way to be a successful wrestler, Out Work Your Competition. This camp will expand your knowledge of the four key aspects of training.

1.    It will help you learn to push yourself to your physical limit.
2.    It teaches you how to get stronger.  You will learn the technique and routines required to maximize your strength gains.
3.    You will gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of wrestling.  Learn the most up to date techniques that will enable you to win the big matches.
4.    It will help build your mental toughness.  If you think you can not win, you are right.  Learn the mental skills that will help you say, "I can and I will be successful!"

Navy SEAL Training Camp Schedule

July 6th
                        11:30 - 1pm  Registration will be held at the 53 Pavilion of the Navy Marine Corps Stadium. (Directions below)
                        11:30- 2pm   Board bus from stadium, check in to Bancroft Hall, and store gear
                        2:00 pm         Rules Meeting
                        2:30 pm         Campus Tour
                        3:00 pm        Wrestling Session. Drills and live.
                        4:55pm          Dinner King Hall
                        6:30pm          Session (groups report to assigned mat area)
                        8:45pm           Recreation time (Pool)
                        10:30pm        In rooms
                        11:00pm        Lights Out
July 7th - 12th (Sample Schedule)
                        6:00am          Wake up
                        6:15am          Running, swimming, or weight workout
                        7:30am          Breakfast (King Hall)
                        9:20am          Technique Session
                        10:55am         Recreation time (Tennis, B-Ball, Weight Room)
                        11:55am         Lunch (King Hall)
                        2:30pm          Live Wrestling
                        4:55pm          Dinner King Hall
                        7:00pm         Weight Training, Drilling
                        8:45pm         Recreation time (Pool, Movies)
                        10:30pm       In rooms
                        11:00pm      Lights Out
July 13th
                        6:00am           Wake up
                        6:15am          Conditioning
                        7:30am           Breakfast
                        8:00am         Out of dorm rooms
                        9:00am-10:45am         Final session in Wesley Brown Field House (Parents welcome). Presentation of
                        T-shirts camp concludes. Parents can either meet their wrestler at Halsey or the Football stadium.

Camp Dates: July 6 - July 13
Overnight fee:   $725.00
Those registering after June 1st, a $25.00 registration fee will be added.
Age Recommendations:  Ages 13 - 18

How to register for camp

1. How to Register Online - Click Here

2. Completely fill out the camp application form.
    * A confirmation packed will be emailed (to the email address you provide) when your complete payment and
       application are processed. Once we have received your application we will notify
       you via email of your acceptance. Allow 21 days from the date you submit your
       application to receive your confirmation email.
     * Roommate request will not be processed with any applications. Those athletes
        who check in together will be allowed to room together.

3. Mail in your application along with complete payment for your session of camp. If
       you are registering for more then one camp a complete
       application and check should be submitted for each camp.
    * Applications received after June 1st will be billed a $25.00 late application fee.
    ** Registration submitted after June 1st should be in form of Cashiers Check or Money Order.

4. Upon receipt of confirmation you should go over the camp schedule for your session
       and be sure you understand all the camp rules.  Remember to check out this web site
       for a detailed list of what to bring to camp.

5. Acceptance based on first come, first serve basis.
   * Space is limited.

6. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Camp Director.  Any person withdrawing
   from camp after June 1st will be charged a nonrefundable deposit $100.00 for your room and
   meal reservations.

Registration procedures on the first day of camp.

Due to heightened security requirements at the United States Naval Academy all camp registration procedures will be held at Navy Marine Corps Football Stadium. Registration will be held in the 53 Pavilion on the west side of the stadium under the jumbo instant replay screen. Registration will be staffed from 11:30-1:00 p.m., those with special needs such as early or late registration please see listed below.   When you arrive at registration you will go through the following process:

- Click for Directions -
(Navy Marine Corps Stadium)

Window # 1 Check in with the NAAA Business Office to confirm your arrival at camp.

Window #2 Rooming Assignments
                You will receive your rooming assignment and a campus map identifying
                where we will be staying for the week you are at camp.
               * Rooming requests are done at the stadium on a first come first serve basis.
               * Roommates must check in together to have the opportunity to room together.
               * Rooms vary from 2, 3 and 4 man rooms.  The majority of rooms are 3 person rooms.

Window #3 Medical - Everyone must disclose any medical concerns or issues to our medical staff.
                * Although a Medical Physical is not required your complete medical assesment form must be filled
                  out when you submit your application.  If you have medication they should be check with our
                  camp medical staff.

What should campers bring?

(    )    Bed linens for a twin size mattress.
(    )    Pillow and pillow case.
(    )    Blanket for sleeping in Air-conditioned room
(    )    Toiletries: Towel, Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Soap.
(    )    Workout gear: all camps have multiple sessions each day.
          You will need shorts, T-shirts, socks, under wear and shoes.
          *Wrestling Singlets and Head gear are not required.
                 (Head gear is always encouraged)
          **A laundry service is available from the camp store.
(    )    Shirt, Shoes and shorts are required for eating in the dining hall.
          * No tank tops and no hats in the dining hall.
          * Bancroft Hall is now air-conditioned but not all rooms have equal cooling systems.
(    )    Pad Lock: Room keys are not issued but each room has a lockable storage closet.
          We discourage valuables being brought to camp and do not assume any responsibility
          for those that are lost or stolen while at camp.  If you chose to bring valuables to camp
          we encourage you to bring a pad lock so that when you are not in your room you may
          keep your things locked up.

Housing Request Form

Can I check in early or arrive late?

For those who will be unable to arrive the day of check in due to flight schedules or other transportation issues there is a limited opportunity to arrange room and board for an additional evening prior to camp. Please print out and submit the housing request form (Housing Request Form) and submit with your official application. Each camp session has various amounts of space available for night before check in. All request submitted will be approved unless notified of insufficient space. Early check in will be held in the wrestling office located in Lejeune Hall from 4:30 - 6:30pm. Dinner will be at 5pm. in King Hall for those individuals register for the early check in option. Those who arrive after 5pm. will be on their own for dinner. The cost for night before check in will be $45.00. This will include a room in Bancroft Hall the night before camp starts dinner, breakfast, lunch the following day. Housing is not available for late check-out.

Those who will not arrive during the 11:30-1pm registration time on the first day of each camp will be required to meet Brian Antonelli in the wrestling office of Lejeune Hall. Those who do not have DOD tags on their car will be required to park adjacent to Gate 1 and walk in to Lejeune Hall to pick up your parking pass and rooming assignment (100 yards). The wrestling camp office is located on the first floor of Lejeune Hall and will be staffed until 9pm each evening.

Transportation Request Form

Transportation from the Airport

The Naval Academy Wrestling Camp does offer a shuttle service for those athletes who are flying in from across the country. The shuttle service is $45.00 ($22.50 one-way) round trip transportation to the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) only. The service requires that you complete the transportation request form (transportation request form) and submit it no later then 21 days prior to the start of camp. The shuttle service is only available on the first day of camp only and will pick athletes up at 11:30am inside the airport next to baggage claim #1 (large lobby area adjacent to carousel #1). All shuttle request should accompany your registration form with the additional fee and must be received no later then 21 days prior to the start of camp. All information must be completely filled out to avoid any confusion with flight delays or other transportation issues.

If ticketing does not allow you to arrive prior to 11:00 am on the day of check in, you can contact super shuttle to arrange personal transportation at (800) 894-0545. If using the super shuttle or private car service you should arrange to be dropped off at gate #1 of the United States Naval Academy.

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