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2009 Navy Women's Basketball Summer


Kristin Bowen

What did you do this summer?
"I spent 0 block doing an aviation cruise in Jacksonville, FL, with a P-3 squadron called VP-30. I also spent a few days with an SH-60 squadron. First block I had summer school and took the Weapons class. Second block I was the 29th Platoon Commander for the first set of plebe summer detail. I ended my summer on leave."

What was your favorite part?
"My aviation cruise. It gave me a chance to see what the aviation community is like and to fly a P-3 aircraft."

12/21/14 Saint Peters 2:00 PM
12/31/14 at Loyola Maryland 2:00 PM
01/03/15 Lafayette 7:00 PM
01/07/15 at Boston University 7:00 PM
01/10/15 at Army 2:30 PM

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