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2009 Navy Women's Basketball Summer


Beth Reed

What did you do this summer?
"I spent time with a Super Hornet squadron in Virginia Beach at the beginning of the summer. Then after spending some leave time at home, I went to D.C. and interned for a couple weeks with Senator Richard Lugar from Indiana. After that, I spent time with an EOD unit (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) in Norfolk, which is what I would like to service select. Then, I came back to the Academy and was a squad leader for the second set of plebe summer."

What was your favorite part?
"Getting to fly in a Super Hornet, seeing how Congress works from the inside, and meeting some awesome people in the EOD community."

11/14/14 at North Carolina A&T 6:00 PM
11/16/14 at Elon 2:00 PM
11/20/14 Mary Washington 7:00 PM
11/22/14 Penn 7:00 PM
11/25/14 George Mason 7:00 PM

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