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All numbers are 410-293-xxxx unless otherwise noted

Director of Athletics Chet Gladchuk
Senior Associate A.D./Physical Mission Dr. Tom Virgets 410-293-4035
Deputy Director of Athletics Eric Ruden 410-293-8748
Deputy to the Athletic Director Helen Dunn 410-293-3767
Senior Associate A.D./Scheduling and Team Support Carl Tamulevich 410-293-8727
Assistant A.D. Carla Criste 410-293-5580
Assistant A.D./Administration Pat Phillips 410-293-8910
Team Support Coordinator/Purchasing Coordinator Joanne Setzer 410-293-8728
Ricketts Hall Receptionist Cheryl Holland 410-293-2700
Special Asst. to the Dir. of Athletics Mary Mansfield 410-293-8729
Administrative Assistant -- Macdonough Hall Tina Bradley 410-293-3155
Administrative Assistant -- Brown Field House Paula Roche 410-293-2831
Coordinator of Mail Services Kerwin Belt 410-293-8721

Athletic Admissions
Senior Associate A.D./Admissions, Academics and Compliance Dave Davis 410-293-8741
Director, Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes DeDe Duncan-White 410-293-8747
Admissions Staff Mackie McCann 410-293-8745

Athletic Training
Assistant A.D./Sports Medicine Dr. Jeff Fair 410-293-8717
Athletic Trainer Jim Berry 410-293-8726
Athletic Trainer Gregg Calhoon 410-293-5597
Athletic Trainer Ray Chronister 410-293-5597
Athletic Trainer Amanda Culton 410-293-5597
Athletic Trainer Joe English 410-293-4486
Athletic Trainer Dee Jones 410-293-8718
Athletic Trainer Loren Shipley 410-293-5597
Athletic Trainer John Vance 410-293-5597
Athletic Trainer Gretchen Benz 410-293-5584
Athletic Training Intern Ashley Bigelow 410-293-8726
Athletic Training Intern Casey Guadagnini 410-293-8726
Athletic Training Intern Robert Pfeifer 410-293-8726
Athletic Training Office Phone Alumni Hall 410-293-3685  
Athletic Training Office Phone Glenn Warner Soccer Center 410-293-3150  
Athletic Training Office Phone Halsey Field House 410-293-5597  
Athletic Training Office Phone Lejeune Hall 410-293-4519  
Athletic Training Office Phone Macdonough Hall 410-293-4486  
Athletic Training Office Phone Max Bishop Stadium 410-293-5435  
Athletic Training Office Phone Ricketts Hall 410-293-8718  

Blue & Gold Membership
Associate A.D./Administration, Club Sports & Development Robb Dunn 410-293-8776
Blue & Gold Membership Coordinator Sherrie Werner 410-293-8708
Administrative Assistant Margaret Pott tbd

Business Office
Senior Associate A.D./Business Affairs Barbara Brozen 410-293-8731
Associate A.D./Business Affairs Chauncey Winbush 410-293-8735
Senior Accountant Sarah White 410-293-8734
Payroll & Benefits Manager Karlene Durisko 410-293-8732
Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk Nancy McMahon 410-293-8733

Associate A.D./Compliance & Senior Woman Administrator Loretta Lamar 410-293-8936
Compliance Assistant TBD TBD

Equipment Staff
Assistant A.D./Equipment Operations Greg Morgenthaler 410-293-8739
Associate Director of Equipment Operations Steve Hinrichs 410-293-8738
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations Bryan Harrod 410-293-4481
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations Brian Maddox 410-293-3151
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations Derek Griesdorn 410-293-5593  
Assistant Director of Equipment Operations Ryan Lawrence 410-293-5581  
Equipment Assistant TBD    

Facilities and Operations
Senior Associate A.D./Facilities Allan Heinze 410-293-8725
Associate A.D./Operations Jason Boothe 410-293-8722
Associate A.D./Facilities & Maintenance Tom McKavitt 410-293-8770
Assistant A.D./Maintenance & Grounds Tom Schemmel 410-757-4406
Brigade Sports Complex Ice Rink Manager Karl Oesterling 410-293-9707

Marketing and Promotions
Senior Associate A.D./Corporate Sales Jon Starrett 410-293-8784
Assistant A.D./External Relations Jon Brianas 410-293-9706
Assistant A.D./Marketing & Promotions Kris Whitacre 410-293-8712
Assistant Director of Marketing John Latteri 410-293-8785
Asst. Dir. of Marketing for Corporate & Group Sales Lauren Esterson 410-293-8787
Marketing Intern Anthony Terranova 410-293-8686

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
Director of Stadium Operations Preston Johnson (410) 263-4783
Assistant Manager, Stadium Operations Jim Crowner (410) 263-4783
Assistant Manager, Stadium Operations Damisi Price (410) 268-4481

Director of Photography Phil Hoffmann 410-293-8793
Video Coordinator John McGuire 410-293-8795, 8796
Director of Publications Kelli Sheesley 410-293-8782

Sports Information
Associate A.D./Sports Information (Sports: Football) Scott Strasemeier 410-293-8775
Assoc. Sports Information Director (Sports: Asst. Football, Golf, M. Lacrosse, Squash, Wrestling) Stacie Michaud 410-293-8773
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: W. Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball) Justin Kischefsky 410-293-8772
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: M. Basketball, Rifle, Sailing, M. Soccer, Water Polo) Chris Forman 410-293-8774
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: Baseball, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sprint Football) Jonathan Maggart 410-293-8771
Asst. Sports Information Director (Sports: W. Lacrosse, W. Soccer, Track & Field) Anthony Naglieri 410-293-8778
Sports Information Fax Number   410-293-8954  
Alumni Hall Press Row Telephone Basketball (410) 263-3929  
Bishop Stadium Press Box Telephone Baseball 410-293-5431  
Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Press Box Telephone Football, Lacrosse (410) 268-1489  
Rip Miller Field Press Box Telephone Sprint Football 410-293-4259  

Strength and Conditioning
Associate A.D./Sports Performance (Football) Mike Brass 410-293-8713
Director of Strength and Conditioning and Operations (W. Basketball, Lacrosse, M. Soccer) Kirk Woolfolk 410-293-8716
Director of Olympic Sport Performance (Baseball, Golf, Sprint Football, Wrestling) Clifford Dooman 410-293-5590
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (Cross Country, W. Soccer, Squash, Tennis, Track & Field, Water Polo, Volleyball) Rett Warren 410-293-5590
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (M. Basketball, Crew, Swimming) Justin Livezey 410-293-8715

Director of Computer Services TBD 410-293-8791  
Assistant Director of Computer Services Jason Sherman 410-293-8792

Ticket Office Phone: 1-800-US4-NAVY ... E-Mail: ... Office Hours: 9 am-5 pm, Mon-.-Fri.; Summer Office Hours: 9 am-4:30 pm, Mon.-Fri.
Associate A.D./Ticket Operations & Summer Sports Camp Programs Matt Munnelly 410-293-4955
Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Craig Jocius 1-800-US4-NAVY
Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Kyle Koch 1-800-US4-NAVY

Head Coach Paul Kostacopoulos 410-293-5571
Assistant Coach Scott Friedholm 410-293-5428
Assistant Coach Matt Reynolds 410-293-5585
Volunteer Assistant Coach Lt. j.g. Jason Ronai, USN 410-293-5576
Baseball Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-5436  

Basketball - Men's
Head Coach Billy Lange
Assistant Coach Joe Burke 410-293-2627
Assistant coach Eugene Burroughs
Assistant Coach Jason Crafton 410-293-2627
Assistant Coach Ron Ginyard 410-293-2627
Assistant Coach Aaron Goodman 410-293-2627
Administrative Assistant Judy Hawkins 410-293-2627
Basketball Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-268-4982  

Basketball - Women's
Head Coach Stefanie Pemper 410-293-5591
Assistant Coach Courtney Ruggles 410-293-5587
Assistant Coach Julie Veilleux 410-293-5588
Administrative Assistant Carol Alton 410-293-5591
Basketball Office Fax Halsey Field House 410-293-5544  

Crew - Heavyweight
Head Coach Rick Clothier 410-293-3636
Senior Associate Head Coach Rob Friedrich 410-293-3636
Crew Maintenance Christopher Allsopp 410-293-5007
Crew Office Fax Hubbard Hall 410-293-5010  

Crew - Lightweight
Head Coach Nick Baker 410-293-2418
Assistant Coach Lt. Hunter Washburn, USN 410-293-2418
Crew Office Fax Hubbard Hall 410-293-5010  

Crew - Women's
Head Coach Mike Hughes 410-293-2419
Assistant Coach Nicole Stimpson 410-293-2419
Crew Office Fax Hubbard Hall 410-293-5010  

Cross Country - Men's
Head Coach Al Cantello 410-293-5574
Cross Country Office Fax Brown Field House (410) 268-6814  

Cross Country - Women's
Head Coach Karen Boyle 410-293-5579
Cross Country Office Fax Brown Field House (410) 268-6814  

Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Chris Culton 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Justin Davis 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Joe DuPaix 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Tony Grantham 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Buddy Green 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Ashley Ingram 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Ivin Jasper 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Steve Johns 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Keith Jones 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Mike Judge 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Danny O'Rourke 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Dale Pehrson 410-293-2241
Assistant Coach Joe Speed 410-293-2241
Military Liaison Ryan Hamilton 410-293-2241
Administrative Assistant Lois Gareis 410-293-2241
Administrative Assistant Shari Marra 410-293-2241
Football Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-8952  

Golf - Men's
Head Coach Pat Owen 410-293-9745
Golf Office Fax Naval Academy Golf Course 410-293-9748  

Gymnastics - Men's
Head Coach Dr. Sho Fukushima 410-293-5552
Assistant Coach Craig Holt 410-293-5557
Gymnastics Office Fax Macdonough Hall 410-293-5264  

Lacrosse - Men's
Head Coach Richie Meade 410-293-5547
Assistant Coach Stan Ross 410-293-5549
Assistant Coach Anthony Gilardi 410-293-5535
Director of Lacrosse Operations Mark Goers 410-293-5548
Lacrosse Office Fax Ricketts Hall 410-293-5538  

Lacrosse - Women's
Head Coach Cindy Timchal 410-293-8746
Associate Head Coach Allison Valentino 410-293-5541
Assistant Coach Kelly Coppedge 410-293-5537
Lacrosse Office Fax Brown Field House 410-293-5526  

Head Coach Bill Kelley 410-293-4339
Rifle Office Fax Bancroft Hall    

Sailing - Intercollegiate
Head Coach TBA 410-293-5617 TBA
Assistant Director Ali Sharp 410-293-5613
Assistant Coach Ted Huebner 410-293-5612
Sailing Office Fax Robert Crown Sailing Center 410-293-5233  

Sailing - Offshore
Head Coach Jahn Tihansky 410-293-5608
Assistant Director Pete Carrico 410-293-5606
Assistant Coach Joe McGettigan 410-293-5605
Sailing Office Fax Robert Crown Sailing Center 410-293-5233  

Soccer - Men's
Head Coach Rich Miranda 410-293-3153
Assistant Coach Patrick Kennedy 410-293-5542
Soccer Office Fax Glenn Warner Soccer Center 410-293-5264  

Soccer - Women's
Head Coach Carin Gabarra 410-293-5562
Assistant Coach Rob Blanck 410-293-5543
Soccer Office Fax Glenn Warner Soccer Center 410-293-3149  

Sprint Football
Head Coach Maj. Jake Jenkins, USMC 410-293-5559
Sprint Football Office Fax Brown Field House 410-293-5264  

Squash - Men's
Head Coach Craig Dawson 410-293-2240
Squash Office Fax Bancroft Hall    

Swimming - Men's
Head Coach Bill Roberts 410-293-3012
Head Diving Coach Joe Suriano 410-293-2970
Assistant Coach Chris Maiello 410-293-5834
Swimming Office Fax Lejeune Hall 410-293-3811  

Swimming - Women's
Head Coach John Morrison 410-293-3081
Head Diving Coach Joe Suriano 410-293-2970
Assistant Coach Rob Lias Jr. 410-293-3013
Swimming Office Fax Lejeune Hall 410-293-3811  

Tennis - Men's
Head Coach John Officer 410-293-5589
Assistant Coach John Moreland 410-293-3436
Tennis Office Fax Dyer Tennis Clubhouse 410-293-2992  

Track & Field - Men's
Head Coach Stephen Cooksey 410-293-5568
Assistant Coach Chris Campbell 410-293-5575
Recruiting Coordinator Dave Larish 410-293-5570
Track Office Fax Brown Field House (410) 268-6814  

Track & Field - Women's
Head Coach Carla Criste 410-293-5580
Assistant Coach Steven Sarigiannis 410-293-5578
Track Office Fax Brown Field House (410) 268-6814  

Volleyball - Women's
Head Coach Mike Schwob 410-293-5546
Assistant Coach Mary Clare Coghlan 410-293-5565
Volleyball Office Fax Macdonough Hall 410-293-5264  

Water Polo - Men's
Head Coach Mike Schofield 410-293-5558
Assistant Coach Mladen Stanicic 410-293-3152
Water Polo Office Fax Macdonough Hall 410-293-5264  

Head Coach Bruce Burnett 410-293-3011
Assistant Coach Brian Antonelli 410-293-5833
Assistant Coach Tom Tanis 410-293-4631
Wrestling Office Fax Lejuene Hall 410-293-3811