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Navy's All-Time CoSIDA Academic All-Americans

The College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) has been selecting the nation's pre-eminent Academic All-American team for over one-half of a century.

Criteria for the award consists of a student-athlete be at least a sophomore, earn a varsity letter in their sport and have attained a minimum 3.30 cumulative grade-point average (changed from 3.20 for the 2008-09 academic year). Nominees are first voted on by district, then all first-team all-district winners are placed onto a national ballot from which the Academic All-America teams are selected.

The sports of football, women's volleyball, men's soccer, women's soccer, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, softball, men's track & field/cross country, women's track & field/cross country have their own respective Academic All-America teams, while the remaining NCAA-sponsored sports of women's bowling, women's crew, men's and women's fencing, women's field hockey, men's and women's golf, men's and women's gymnastics, men's and women's ice hockey, men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's rifle, men's and women's skiing, men's and women's swimming, men's and women's tennis, men's volleyball, men's and women's water polo and men's wrestling are grouped together onto an At-Large team.

Naval Academy student-athletes have totaled 103 Academic All-America certificates over the years, with 70 of those awards coming since the start of the 1999-2000 academic year and 50 since the start of the 2006-07 academic year. This includes a school-record nine awards earned during the 2012-13 season.

Multiple Academic All-America Award Winners
NameSportYears of Award (Team)
Ted Dumbauld '81Football 1979-80 (2nd) / 1980-81 (1st)
Bob Dishman '85Baseball1983-84 (3rd) / 1984-85 (3rd)
Britton Smith '98 Swimming (at-large team)1996-97 (3rd) / 1997-98 (2nd)
Nicole Aunapu '99Soccer (at-large team)1997-98 (1st) / 1998-99 (1st)
Donald Field '98Soccer (at-large team)1996-97 (3rd) / 1997-98 (1st)
Barry Shaw '02Water Polo (at-large team)2000-01 (2nd) / 2001-02 (2nd)
Courtney Davidson '04Basketball2002-03 (1st) / 2003-04 (2nd)
Kirsten Andrews '07CC/Track & Field2005-06 (3rd) / 2006-07 (1st)
Kari Weniger '08Soccer2006-07 (2nd) / 2007-08 (1st)
Lizzie Barnes '09Soccer2006-07 (1st) / 2008-09 (1st)
Chris Renninger '08Golf (at-large team)2006-07 (2nd) / 2007-08 (1st)
Kelly Zahalka '09Swimming (at-large team)2006-07 (3rd) / 2007-08 (1st) / 2008-09 (1st)
Mark Van Orden '10 CC/Track & Field 2008-09 (3rd) / 2009-10 (1st)
John Dowd '12 Football 2009-10 (2nd) / 2010-11 (1st) / 2011-12 (1st)
Sam Miller '12 Men's Soccer 2010-11 (3rd) / 2011-12 (1st)
Cody Rome '12CC/Track & Field2010-11 (2nd) / 2011-12 (2nd)
Cody Rome '12CC/Track & Field2010-11 (2nd) / 2011-12 (2nd)
Jasmine DePompeo '13 Lacrosse (at-large team) 2011-12 (3rd) / 2012-13 (1st)
Brigid Byrne '13 CC/Track & Field 2011-12 (3rd) / 2012-13 (1st)
Joshua Steves '15 Gymnastics (at-large team) 2013-14 (2nd) / 2014-15 (2nd)
Ellen Bradford '16 Swimming (at large-team) 2013-14 (3rd) / 2014-15 (1st)

YearNameTeamSportAwardMajorClass of
1953-54Steve EisenhauerFootball Footballnot available1954
1957-58Tom ForrestalFootballFootballnot available1958
1958-59Joe TranchiniFirstFootballFootballnot available1960
1967-68Hugh KilmartinThirdBasketball Men's Basketballnot available1968
1969-70Dan PikeFootballFootballnot available1970
1969-70Dennis LoshSecondBaseballBaseballnot available1970
1971-72George VoelkerSecondBaseballBaseballnot available1972
1974-75Tim HardenSecondFootballFootballnot available1975
1975-76Chet MoellerSecondFootballFootballnot available1976
1977-78Kevin SinnettSecondBasketballMen's Basketballnot available1979
1979-80Ted Dumbauld**SecondFootballFootballnot available1981
1980-81Ted Dumbauld**FirstFootballFootballnot available1981
1980-81Andy LoferskiSecondBaseballBaseballnot available1983
1981-82Tom KiserThirdBaseballBaseballnot available1982
1982-83Cheryl DolyniukSecondSwimmingWomen's At-Largenot available1983
1983-84Bill WeidenhammerSecondFootballFootballnot available1984
1983-84Clifford MaurerHMBasketballMen's Basketballnot available1984
1983-84 Bob Dishman**ThirdBaseballBaseballnot available1985
1983-84Tom CalabreseThirdLacrosseMen's At-Largenot available1984
1983-84Stefani GreenSecondTrack & FieldWomen's At-Largenot available1985
1984-85Bob Dishman**ThirdBaseballBaseballnot available1985
1985-86Mike LeeneySecondBaseballBaseballnot available1986
1986-87Shelley LaurillaSecondBasketballWomen's Basketballnot available1987
1987-88Leanne FieldingSecondSwimmingWomen's At-Largenot available1988
1991-92Matt BogdanFirstCC/Track & FieldMen's At-Largenot available1992
1995-96Nathan SmithFirstSwimmingMen's At-LargeHistory1996
1996-97Britton Smith**ThirdSwimmingMen's At-LargeMechanical Engineering1998
1996-97Donald Field**ThirdSoccerMen's At-LargePhysics1998
1997-98Nicole Aunapu**FirstSoccerWomen's At-LargeMechanical Engineering1999
1997-98Britton Smith**SecondSwimmingMen's At-LargeMechanical Engineering1998
1997-98Pete LombardFirstGymnastics Men's At-LargeChemistry1998
1997-98Donald Field**FirstSoccerMen's At-LargePhysics1998
1998-99Nicole Aunapu**First SoccerWomen's At-LargeMechanical Engineering1999
1999-00Terrence AndersonSecondFootballFootballEconomics2000
1999-00Eric AdamsThirdTrack & FieldMen's At-LargeOceanography2000
1999-00Mitchell KochFirstTennisMen's At-LargeMechanical Engineering2000
2000-01Andrew SauseFirstWater PoloMen's At-LargeOcean Engineering2001
2000-01Barry Shaw**SecondWater PoloMen's At-LargeHistory (Honors)2002
2001-02Justine FisherSecondSoccerWomen's SoccerOcean Engineering2002
2001-02Kate MacfarlaneFirstSoccerWomen's SoccerMathematics (Honors)2003
2001-02Barry Shaw**SecondWater PoloMen's At-LargeHistory (Honors)2002
2002-03Grant MoodySecondFootballFootballQuantitative Economics2003
2002-03Courtney Davidson**FirstBasketballWomen's BasketballPolitical Science2004
2003-04Courtney Davidson**SecondBasketballWomen's BasketballPolitical Science2004
2003-04Billy HurleySecondGolfMen's At-LargeQuantitative Economics2004
2003-04Michael MillerSecondRifleMen's At-LargeAerospace Engineering2005
2003-04Eric EckstrandThirdCC/Track & FieldMen's CC/Track & FieldComputer Science2004
2004-05Emma HagenThirdSoccerWomen's SoccerSystems Engineering2005
2004-05Trevor ThompsonFirstBaseballBaseballHistory (Honors)2005
2004-05Clipper LennonSecondLacrosseMen's At-Large Mathematics (Honors)2005
2004-05Shaunnah Wark ThirdCrewWomen's At-LargeSystems Engineering2005
2005-06Kirsten Andrews**Third CC/Track & FieldWomen's CC/Track & FieldQuantitative Economics2007
2005-06Sean BlackmanThirdGymnasticsMen's At-LargeAerospace Engineering2007
2006-07Kari Weniger**SecondSoccerWomen's SoccerOcean Engineering2008
2006-07Lizzie Barnes**FirstSoccerWomen's SoccerInformation Technology and Computer Science2009
2006-07Chris Renninger**SecondGolfMen's At-LargeChemistry2008
2006-07Kelly Zahalka***ThirdSwimmingWomen's At-LargeHistory (Honors)2009
2006-07Michael NiemiSecondCC/Track & FieldMen's CC/Track & FieldSystems Engineering 2007
2006-07Kirsten Andrews**FirstCC/Track & FieldWomen's CC/Track & FieldQuantitative Economics2007
2007-08Kari Weniger**FirstSoccerWomen's SoccerOcean Engineering2008
2007-08Evan BarnesThirdSoccerMen's SoccerSystems Engineering (Honors)2008
2007-08Rachel DoughertySecondVolleyballVolleyballPhysics2008
2007-08Eric GardinerFirstWater PoloMen's At-LargeComparative Politics2008
2007-08Chris Renninger**FirstGolfMen's At-LargeChemistry2008
2007-08Kelly Zahalka***FirstSwimmingWomen's At-LargeHistory (Honors)2009
2008-09Lizzie Barnes** FirstSoccerWomen's SoccerInformation Technology and Computer Science2009
2008-09Nathan DurhamThirdSwimmingMen's At-LargeOcean Engineering2009
2008-09Kelly Zahalka***FirstSwimmingWomen's At-LargeHistory (Honors)2009
2008-09Mark Van Orden**ThirdCC/Track & FieldMen's CC/Track & FieldEnglish2010
2009-10 Beth Reed First SoccerWomen's Soccer Mechanical Engineering 2010
2009-10 Shelly Moeller ThirdSoccerWomen's Soccer Honors Oceanography 2010
2009-10 John Dowd***SecondFootballFootballMechanical Engineering 2012
2009-10 Alex BuckFirstSwimmingMen's At-LargeAerospace Engineering 2011
2009-10 Joe LennonThirdLacrosseMen's At-LargeHonors Economics 2010
2009-10 Mark Van Orden** First CC/Track & Field Men's CC/Track & FieldHonors English 2010
2010-11 Alex FoskettSecondSoccerMen's SoccerElectrical Engineering 2011
2010-11 Sam Miller Third Soccer Men's SoccerElectrical Engineering 2012
2010-11 John Dowd*** First Football FootballMechanical Engineering 2012
2010-11 Nick Birger First Tennis Men's At-LargeHonors Political Science 2011
2010-11Cody Rome**SecondCC/Track & FieldMen's CC/Track & FieldApplied Mathematics2012
2011-12Cody Rome**SecondCC/Track & FieldMen's CC/Track & FieldApplied Mathematics2012
2011-12Brigid Byrne**Third CC/Track & FieldWomen's CC/Track & Field Honors English2013
2011-12Sam Miller**FirstSoccerMen's SoccerMechanical Engineering2012
2011-12Eric WootenThirdSoccerMen's SoccerHonors System Engineering2013
2011-12John Dowd***FirstFootballFootballMechanical Engineering2012
2011-12Jasmine DePompeo**ThirdLacrosseWomen's At-LargePolitical Science2013
2012-13Eric Wooten SecondSoccerMen's SoccerHonors Systems Engineering2013
2012-13Keegan Wetzel FirstFootballFootballSystems Engineering2013
2012-13 Ben BondurantThirdSwimmingMen's At-LargeOcean Engineering2013
2012-13 Jasmine DePompeo**FirstLacrosse Women's At-LargePolitical Science2013
2012-13 Laura GorinskiSecondSwimmingWomen's At-LargeAstrophysics2013
2012-13Jackson HummeldorfFirstWater PoloMen's At-LargeOcean Engineering 2013
2012-13 Kathy YoungThirdLacrosseWomen's At-LargeOcean Engineering2013
2012-13 Chris GalvinFirstCC/Track & FieldMen's CC/Track & FieldMechanical Engineering2013
2012-13 Brigid Byrne**First CC/Track & FieldWomen's CC/Track & FieldEnglish (Honors)2013
2013-14 Elizabeth HoernerFirst SoccerWomen's SoccerOceanography (Honors)2014
2013-14 Zach DavisThird SoccerMen's SoccerOceanography 2014
2013-14 Joshua Steves** Second Gymnastics Men's At-Large Mathematics (Honors) 2015
2013-14 Ellen Bradford** Third Swimming Women's At-Large Systems Engineering (Honors) 2016
2013-14Brett BogaardSecondCC/Track & FieldMen's Track & FieldQuantitative Economics2014
2013-14Thomas BuffoneSecondCC/Track & FieldMen's Track & FieldPhysics2015
2014-15Joshua Steves**SecondGymnasticsMen's At-LargeMathematics (Honors)2015
2014-15Ellen Bradford**FirstSwimmingWomen's At LargeSystems Engineering (Honors)2016

--At-Large teams are determined in the spring regardless of the competition season.
**denotes multiple award winner

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