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USNA Olympians and Paralympians

Name and ClassOlympiadSportPerformance
Marc. W. Larimer, 19121912 Fencing Did not Medal
Harris Laning, 18951912RifleBronze Medal-Team
Carl T. Osburn, 19071912RifleBronze Medal-Team
Harold T. Bartlett, 19111912RifleBronze Medal-Team
Charles Quimby, 19211920SwimmingDid not Medal
Edwin W. Schell, 19211920BoxingDid not Medal
Roscoe L. Bowman, 19211920FencingDid not Medal
George C. Calnan, 19201920FencingDid not Medal
Frederick J. Cunningham, 1920 1920FencingDid not Medal
Edwin G. Fullinwider, 19211920FencingDid not Medal
Claiborne J. Walker, 19211920FencingDid not Medal
Willis A. Lee, 19081920Rifle Free Rifle, 3 positions, 300m, Team Gold
Military Rifle, Prone, 300m, Team, Gold
Military Rifle, Prone, 600m, Team, Gold
Military Rifle, Prone, 300m, Team, Gold
Military Rifle, 300m & 600m, Prone, Team, Gold
Small Bore Rifle, Standing, 50m, Team, Gold
Military Rifle, Standing, 300m, Team, Silver
Running Target, Single Shot, Team, Bronze
Carl T. Osburn, 19071920RifleGold Medal-300M.
Sherman R. Clark, 19221920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Clyde W. King, 19221920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Edwin D. Graves, 19211920RowingGold Medal-8 oared
William C. Jordan, 19221920RowingGold Medal-8 oared
Edward P. Moore, 19221920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Alden R. Sanborn, 19221920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Donald H. Johnston, 19221920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Vincent J. Gallagher, Jr., 1922 1920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Virgil V. Jacomini, 19211920Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Daniel V. Gallery, 19211920WrestlingDid not Medal
Frank M. Maichle, 19201920WrestlingDid not Medal
John R. Redman, 19191920WrestlingDid not Medal
Edward B. Rogers, 19171920WrestlingDid not Medal
Edward E. Willkie, 19211920WrestlingDid not Medal
George C. Calnan, 19201924FencingDid not Medal
Edwin G. Fullinwider, 19211924FencingDid not Medal
Thomas P. Jeter, 19191924FencingDid not Medal
John B. Pearson, Jr., 19231924GymnasticsDid not Medal
Carl T. Osburn, 19071924RifleSilver Medal-600 m.
Herschel A. Smith, 19221924WrestlingDid not Medal
George C. Calnan, 19201928FencingBronze Medal-Individual (Epee)
Harry H. Henderson, 19251928BoxingDid not Medal
Harold G. Newhart, 19271928GymnasticsDid not Medal
John B. Pearson, Jr.1928GymnasticsDid not Medal
Heywood L. Edwards, 19261928WrestlingDid not Medal
George C. Calnan, 19201932FencingBronze Medal-Team (Foil)
Bronze Medal-Team (Epee)
Did Not Medal-Individual (Epee)
Curtis Shears, 19221932FencingBronze Medal-Team (Foils)
Richard C. Steere, 19311932FencingBronze Medal-Team (Foils)
Raymond H. Bass, 19311932GymnasticsGold Medal-Rope Climb
Thomas F. Connelly, 19331932GymnasticsBronze Medal-Rope Climb
William T. Denton, 19331932GymnasticsSilver Medal-Rings
William Galbraith, 19291932GymnasticsSilver Medal-Rope Climb
Ray W. Thompson, Jr., 19331932SwimmingDid not Medal
Joseph H. Patterson, 19361936Track & FieldDid not Medal
Robert E. Cowell, 19471948SwimmingSilver Medal-100M backstroke
Walter C. Blattman, 19431952GymnasticsDid Not Medal
Charles D. Manring, 19521952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
Edward G. Stevens, Jr., 1954 1952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
William B. Fields, Jr., 19541952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
James R. Dunbar, 19551952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
Richard F. Murphy, 19541952Rowing Gold Medal-8 oared
Robert M. Detweiler, 19531952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
Henry A. Proctor, 19541952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
Wayne T. Frye, 19541952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
Frank B. Shakespeare, 19531952RowingGold Medal-8 oared
James C. Welsh, 19531952RowingDid not Medal
Dempster M. Jackson, 19521952RowingDid not Medal
John B. Davis, 19531952RowingDid not Medal
Louis K. McMillan, 19521952RowingDid not Medal
Josiah Henson, 19451952WrestlingBronze Medal-136 1/2
Charles S. Swift, 19441952WrestlingInjured
Peter S. Blair, 19551956WrestlingBronze Medal-191
Alfonso H. Morales, 19601960FencingDid not Medal
Joseph Paletta, Jr., 19601960FencingDid not Medal
Roland R. Wommack, 19591960FencingDid not Medal
William C. Long, 19611960RowingDid not Medal
Lyman S.A. Perry, 19601960RowingDid not Medal
E. Warren Sweetser, 19601960RowingDid not Medal
Gayle R. Thompson, 19611960RowingDid not Medal
Joseph A. Baldwin, 19611960RowingDid not Medal
Peter G. Bos, 19601960RowingDid not Medal
Howard T. Winfree, 19611960RowingDid not Medal
Robert B. Wilson, 19611960RowingDid not Medal
Mark W. Moore, 19611960RowingDid not Medal
Alfonso H. Morales, 19601964FencingDid not Medal
Alfonso H. Morales, 19601968FencingDid not Medal
Alfonso H. Morales, 19601972FencingDid not Medal
Walter E. Bahr, 19701972SoccerDid not Medal
Joseph B. Freeman, 19701972FencingDid not Medal
Edward J. Donofrio, 19731976FencingDid not Medal
Lloyd W. Keaser, 19721976WrestlingSilver Medal, 149 1/2
Greg Montessi, 19821984RowingDid not Medal
David Robinson, 19871988BasketballBronze Medal
Brian Ledbetter, 19851988YachtingDid not Medal
John Walters, 19851988RowingDid not Medal
Daniel Lyons, 19811988RowingDid not Medal
Greg Montessi, 19821988RowingDid not Medal
David Robinson, 19871992BasketballGold Medal
Briad Ledbetter, 19851992YachtingSilver Medal
Bob Weissenfels, 19901992BobsledDid not Medal
David Robinson, 19871996BasketballGold Medal
Brad Snyder, 20062012 Paralympic SwimmingGold Medal, 100 Free
Gold Medal, 400 Free
Silver Medal, 50 Free
Dan Cnossen, 20022014, 2018Paralympic Biathlon (Ind. Sitting)
Paralympic C.C. Skiing (Sitting)
Gold Medal, Men's 7.5km Sitting Biathlon
Silver Medal, Men's 15km Cross-Country Skiing Sitting
Silver Medal, 12.5km Biathlon Sitting
Silver Medal, 15km Biathlon Sitting
Silver Medal, 10km Cross-Country Classical Sitting
Bronze Medal, 1.1km Cross-Country Sprint Sitting
Edward King, 20112016Rowing 
Peter Lombard, 19982016 (Guam)Mountain Bike 
Regine Tugade, 20202016 (Guam)Track 
Brad Snyder, 20062016 Paralympic Swimming 
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