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Blue & Gold memberships provide the supplemental resources necessary for Navy Athletics to compete at the highest levels of intercollegiate athletics. Our ticket priority system is based on Blue & Gold membership levels.

As one of the Superintendent's 18 Strategic Fundraising Priorities, the Fund for Athletic Excellence benefits the entire Brigade of Midshipmen as the only Strategic Priority to advance the Naval Academy's Physical Mission. The Physical Mission includes varsity sports, club sports, intramurals and a four year physical education curriculum. The Fund for Athletic Excellence provides individuals with multiple opportunities to support Navy athletics beyond their Blue & Gold membership.

The Naval Academy's athletic facilities benefit from private philanthropic support and play a critical role in advancing the Physical Mission. The following page details current capital projects and provides information on how you can contribute to their completion.

With a gift of $1,000 to the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Maintenance Fund, you can honor a classmate, loved one or friend by "taking" a seat in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The honoree's name is inscribed on a plate permanently affixed to the seat; each plate permits four lines of text. Participation in the Take-A-Seat program helps to maintain the stadium and ensures that its legacy lives on for generations of graduates.